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Cryopreservation of Mouse Embryos by Ethylene Glycol-Based Vitrification

JoVE 3155 11/18/2011

RIKEN BioResource Center Mouse E-mail Message No. 67

  RIKEN BioResource Center (BRC) is pleased to update you with 
all the latest information.

=======  content  ======================================================
- Publication by users
- Our recent publications
- Newly deposited mouse strains
- Newly available mouse strains
- Mouse strains for freeze preservation

|  Publication by users

  The following publications are newly reported by the users.

RBRC01390    Nrf2 knockout mouse/C57BL6J
Adenuga D, Caito S, Yao H, Sundar IK, Hwang JW, Chung S, Rahman I.Nrf2
Deficiency influences susceptibility to steroid resistance via HDAC2
reduction. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2010 Dec 17;403(3-4):452-6.

RBRC00462    MAK Knockout mice B6
Omori Y, Chaya T, Katoh K, Kajimura N, Sato S, Muraoka K, Ueno S,
Koyasu T, Kondo M, Furukawa T.  Negative regulation of ciliary length
by ciliary male germ cell-associated kinase (Mak) is required for
retinal photoreceptor survival. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2010 Dec 28;
107(52):22671-6. Epub 2010 Dec 8.

RBRC00806    GFP-LC3#53
Fujishima Y, Nishiumi S, Masuda A, Inoue J, Nguyen GM, Irino Y,
Komatsu M, Tanaka K, Kutsumi H, Azuma T, Yoshida M.  Autophagy in the
intestinal epithelium reduces endotoxin-induced inflammatory responses
by inhibiting NF-κB activation. Arch Biochem Biophys. 2010 Dec 13.

RBRC00107    C3H/HeN-TgH(p53)
Sugihara T, Murano H, Nakamura M, Ichinohe K, Tanaka K.  p53-Mediated
Gene Activation in Mice at High Doses of Chronic Low-Dose-Rate γ
Radiation. Radiat Res. 2010 Dec 28.

RBRC00858    IRF-3 Knockout mice, C57BL/6J
Smith HL, Liu XY, Dai L, Goh ET, Chan AT, Xi J, Seh CC, Qureshi IA,
Lescar J, Ruedl C, Gourlay R, Morton S, Hough J, McIver EG, Cohen P,
Cheung PC.. The role of TBK1 and IKKε in the expression and activation
of Pellino 1. Biochem J. 2011 Jan 5.

|  Our recent publications

Yoshiki A. Dissemination of Advanced Mouse Resources and Technologies at
RIKEN BioResource Center. IBC, 2(15) 2010 Dec 24.

|  Newly deposited mouse strains

  These mice have been newly deposited to RIKEN BRC. They will be
available soon after rederivation. We appreciate depositors for their
contributions to the scientific community.

  Dr. Ikawa, Masahito, Osaka university
    RBRC04119  C57BL/6N-4632411B12Rik<Gt(LTOPG)06Osb>
    RBRC04120  C57BL/6N-Ncapd3<Gt(LTOPG)07Osb>
    RBRC04390  B6;B6D2-Prl3a1<Gt(LTOCG)18Osb>
    RBRC04391  C57BL/6N-Ppp3cc<Gt(LTOCG)19Osb>
    RBRC04392  B6;B6D2-Ipo11<Gt(LTOCG)20Osb>
    RBRC04665  C57BL/6N-Dnttip1<Gt(LTOCG)23Osb>
    RBRC04666  C57BL/6N-Rhbdl2<Gt(LTOCG)24Osb>
    RBRC04667  C57BL/6N-npm1<Gt(LTOCG)25Osb>
    RBRC04668  B6;B6D2-GLT25d2<Gt(LTOCG)26Osb>
    RBRC04669  C57BL/6N-Thada<Gt(LTOCG)27Osb>
    RBRC04670  B6;B6D2-Eya3<Gt(LTOCG)28Osb>
    RBRC04671  B6;B6D2-Phf3<Gt(LTOCG)29Osb>
    RBRC04672  B6;B6D2-Fuca1<Gt(LTOCG)30Osb>
    RBRC04673  B6;B6D2-Aspscr1<Gt(LTOCG)31Osb>
    RBRC04674  B6;B6D2-Ints1<Gt(LTOCG)32Osb>
    RBRC04675  B6;B6D2-A130042E20Rik<Gt(LTOCG)33Osb>
    RBRC04676  B6;B6D2-Dym<Gt(LTOCG)34Osb>
    RBRC04677  C57BL/6N-Kcnh8<Gt(LTOCG)35Osb>
    RBRC04678  C57BL/6N-Ankrd13c<Gt(LTOCG)36Osb>

  Dr. Knoepfel, Thomas, RIKEN Brain Science Institute
    RBRC04705  STOCK Tg(aMHC-VSFP2.3)107Bsi
    RBRC04706  STOCK Tg(aMHC-VSFP2.3)123Bsi
    RBRC04708  FVB-Tg(Slc6a5-EGFP)13Uze
    RBRC04709  FVB.Cg-Atp2b2<tm1Ges>
    RBRC04743  STOCK Tg(aMHC-GCaMP2)4Bsi
    RBRC04744  STOCK Tg(aMHC-GCaMP2)14Bsi
    RBRC04745  STOCK Tg(aMHC-GCaMP2)29Bsi
    RBRC04746  STOCK Tg(aMHC-GCaMP2)53Bsi
    RBRC04747  STOCK Tg(aMHC-GCaMP2)60Bsi

  Dr. Kojima, Masayasu, Kurume university
    RBRC04737  B6.129S2-Nmu<tm1Mko> Nms<tm1Mko>

  Dr. Shimizu, Takao, The University of Tokyo
    RBRC04739  B6.B6CB-Ltb4r1<tm1Tksh>
    RBRC04740  C.B6CB-Ltb4r1<tm1Tksh>
    RBRC04741  B6.B6CB-Ltb4r2<tm1Tksh>

  Dr. Sora, Ichiro, Tohoku university
    RBRC04748  C57BL/6J-Tg(DBH-hVMAT2)

  Dr. SUZUKI, Atsushi, Yokohama National University
    RBRC04769  ICR:B6C3-Tg(13kb Dnd1/3xFLAG)2
    RBRC04770  ICR:B6C3-Tg(13kb Dnd1/3xFLAG)5
    RBRC04771  ICR:B6C3-Tg(BAC Dnd1/3xFLAG)1
    RBRC04772  ICR:B6C3-Tg(BAC Dnd1/3xFLAG)3
    RBRC04773  ICR;B6C3-Tg(CAG-cat,-HTF/Nanos2)7

|   Newly available mouse strains

  These mice just have been rederived into our barrier facility.
These mice are now available for distribution.

    RBRC03926  CB;B6-Tg(Per1-luc)
    RBRC03987  B6.129-Ep400<tm3Fuku>
    RBRC04416  B6;129-Sap35<tm1Hmd>/226
    RBRC04016  C57BL/6J-Tg(CAG-floxed INHBE)2Ohm
    RBRC04017  C57BL/6J-Tg(CAG-floxed INHBE)8Ohm
    RBRC04018  C57BL/6J-Tg(CAG-floxed INHBE)25Ohm
    RBRC04050  C57BL/6N-Tg(CAG-EGFP)14Thg
    RBRC03835  B6.129X1-Pts<tm1Ich>
    RBRC03836  C57BL/6J-Tg(DBH-PTS)6Csic
    RBRC03317  B6;129-Trpm7<tm1>/Rbrc
    RBRC04021  B6.129-Dnase2a<tm1Osa> Ifnar1<tm1Agt>
    RBRC03730  B6;129S4-Dnmt3a<tm1Enl>
    RBRC03947  B6;129B6-Apc<tm1(GFP)Yasu>
    RBRC04393  B6;B6CB-Pcdh9<tm1>

|  Mouse strains for freeze preservation

  Since enough number of embryos has been preserved, live mice of these
strains will be closed soon. It will take more than 3 months to recover
live mice from frozen stock. Please let us know as soon as possible, if
you plan to use the mice and request them alive.

    RBRC02731  C57BL/6J-Tg(Dsg3TCR140)1
    RBRC02736  C57BL/6J-Tg(Dsg3TCR162)3
    RBRC02737  C57BL/6J-Tg(Dsg3TCR164)1
    RBRC02739  C57BL/6J-Tg(Dsg3TCR164)3
    RBRC02690  B6CBA-Rbms1<tm1Hiro>
    RBRC01845  B6.CS-Ngu419
    RBRC02873  B6.CS Ngu1053-Tg(MSMG01-414M7)4Ebi
    RBRC01870  Nf2 iso1 KO
    RBRC01871  Nf2 iso2 KO
    RBRC01670  DDD/Sgn
    RBRC01026  RIS:DBA/2 and BALB/c (CXD2-J)
    RBRC01033  RIS:BALB/c and DDK (CXDD-B)
    RBRC03103  B6;129-Pitx2<tm1Hmd>
    RBRC02831  B6.129S6-Gcg<tm1Yhys>
    RBRC01923  B6;129-Zfhx1a<tm2Yhi>
    RBRC02338  B6;129P2-p130Cas<tm2Homy>
    RBRC02363  C.129S2-Pdcd1<tm1Hon>(N20)
    RBRC02365  C57BL/6-Tg(Actb-Pdcd1)BHon
    RBRC01931  C3.NSY-(D14Mit206-D14Mit186)
    RBRC01940  C3H/HeN-11<NSY>
    RBRC02116  NOD.CTS-H2(D17Mit16-H2Q4)
    RBRC02517  DBA/2fKiKua
    RBRC02435  B6.Cg-Srpx<tm1Hzi>
    RBRC02436  B6.Cg-Tg(CAG-Cadm1)
    RBRC03074  C57BL/6J-Tg(hSMA-NCX1.3*G833C)1
    RBRC02652  PeeWee
    RBRC04049  C57BL/6-Tg(Lck-Nfkbid)1Clay
    RBRC01273  sey (small eye) DBA/2 x B6
    RBRC03076  B6;129S-Apcs<tm1Smae>
    RBRC00765  INAD
    RBRC02388  B6.129P2-Ly96<tm1Kmiy>
    RBRC02390  B6.129P2-Cd180<tm1Kmiy>
    RBRC02730  NZW.Cg-Cd180<tm1Kmiy>
    RBRC00521  SHN
    RBRC02900  B6;129P2-Poll<tm1Nmt>
    RBRC02950  B6;129S7-Cacnb2<tm1>
    RBRC02765  B6.Cg-Psmd4<tm2Smta>
    RBRC01190  Evi9/BclIIa Knockout mice
    RBRC00279  SMXA-15
    RBRC01742  A-11<SM>
    RBRC02655  B6.Cg-Xist<tm5Sado>
    RBRC02489  ICR.Cg-Tg(P2APdeltaEME)1Ysa/YsaRbrc
    RBRC02933  C57BL/6-Tg(Olfr16-Olr226*D126R/R127D,-EYFP)1Hsak
    RBRC02269  B6.129S4-Sgcg<tm1Oza>
    RBRC01736  CFO-hea/+
    RBRC00524  BALB.B/Ola
    RBRC00640  BALB/cUcsde
    RBRC00843  c-Maf/2 KO
    RBRC00203  Low.129
    RBRC02330  NOD.Cg-Fcer1g<tm1Rav> Fcgr2b<tm1Ttk>
    RBRC02703  B6.Cg-Tg(CAG-Slc11a2)Q
    RBRC00186  DDK/Nga
    RBRC01663  K14-AhR-CA TG mouse line 239
    RBRC01965  B6;129S4-Fbxo15<tm1Yam>
    RBRC02340  C57BL/6-Tg(bitetO-GFP)BYoko
    RBRC02250  C57BL/6J-Tg(CAG-Cox8/EGFP)49Rin
    RBRC02830  B6.Cg-Tg(Th-SNCA*)01-1Yosh

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