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Cryopreservation of Mouse Embryos by Ethylene Glycol-Based Vitrification

JoVE 3155 11/18/2011

RIKEN BioResource Center Mouse E-mail Message No. 69

Due to the devastating earthquake and tsunami occurred on March 11
2011, the activity in our center was severely affected. Delivery of
mouseresources to all customers was forced to be suspended. Since then,
we have been making every efforts to recover from this disaster.
We are very glad to announce that delivery of mouseresources has resumed
and now accept orders by the ordinary procedures. 
We are very pleased to inform you that no mouseresources in our center
have been damaged or lost by the earthquake. You can order any
bioresources on our catalogue and/or web catalogue as before.
We are looking forward to receiving your request.

The transportation system in Japan is still disturbed. Therefore, please
understand that some delivery may be delayed to certain extent or even
not possible all. In addition, Tokyo Electric Power Company has been
carrying out the planned rolling blackouts, 3 hours per day in chosen
areas of Kanto to maintain stable supply of electricity and to avoid
unexpected total power failure. If our center is chosen in this black
out, some delay in delivery may occur. Thank you very much for your
understanding and patience.

Additional Note: Barrier rooms, an air conditioning system and relevant
equipments at our mouse facility have not been damaged at all, and the
function of the barrier rooms confirmed to be maintained normally.

RIKEN BioResource Center (BRC) is pleased to update you with 
the latest information.

=======  contents  =====================================================
- Special topic: Mouse of the Month "Visualizing neuronal activity"
- Request to users
- User publications
- Newly deposited mouse strains
- Newly available mouse strains
- Mouse strains for freeze preservation

|  Special topic: Mouse of the Month    Mar. 2011
  Visualizing neuronal activity
    RBRC04705  Tg(aMHC-VSFP2.3)107Bsi
    RBRC04706  Tg(aMHC-VSFP2.3)123Bsi
    Depositor:Dr. Thomas Knöpfel(RIKEN Brain Science Institute)

  Mouse of the Month archive

|  Request to users

  Please keep us informed of any change of address, e-mail address,
or contact numbers.

|  User publications

  The following publications have been newly reported by users. 
We are honored to continue serving the scientific community by 
introducing new publications. Therefore, we look forward to receiving 
your publications too.

RBRC00267  C57BL/6-Tg(CAG-EGFP)C14-Y01-FM131Osb
Tomida D, Nishiguchi KM, Kataoka K, Yasuma TR, Iwata E, Uetani R, Kachi
S, Terasaki H.
Suppression of choroidal neovascularization and quantitative and
qualitative inhibition of VEGF and CCL2 by heparin.  Invest Ophthalmol
Vis Sci. (2011)

00985  EpoR(-/-) ::HG1-EpoR mice
Nairz M, Schroll A, Moschen AR, Sonnweber T, Theurl M, Theurl I, Taub N,
Jamnig C, Neurauter D, Huber LA, Tilg H, Moser PL, Weiss G.
Erythropoietin Contrastingly Affects Bacterial Infection and
Experimental Colitis by Inhibiting Nuclear Factor-kappa B-Inducible
Immune Pathways.  Immunity 34, 61-74 (2011).

RBRC01420  IRF-7 knockout mice, C57BL/6J
Beattie L, Phillips R, Brown N, Owens BM, Chauhan N, Dalton JE, Kaye PM.
Interferon Regulatory Factor 7 Contributes to the Control of Leishmania
donovani in the Mouse Liver.  Infect Immun., 79(3):1057-1066 (2011)

RBRC00107  C3H/HeN-TgH(p53)
Sugihara T, Murano H, Nakamura MM, Ichinohe K, Tanaka K.  
Activation of interferon-stimulated genes by γ-ray irradiation
independently of the ataxia telangiectasia mutated-p53 pathway.
Mol Cancer Res., (2011)

00806  GFP-LC3#53
Lee JE, Oh HA, Song H, Jun JH, Roh CR, Xie H, Dey SK, Lim HJ. Autophagy
Regulates Embryonic Survival During Delayed Implantation.
Endocrinology. (2011)

|  Newly deposited mouse strains

  The following mice have been newly deposited into RIKEN BRC and will
be available shortly after rederivation. 
We appreciate the contributions of the depositors to the scientific

  Dr. Masahito Ikawa, Osaka university
    RBRC04115  C57BL/6N-Rnf40<Gt(LTOPG)02Osb>
    RBRC04125  C57BL/6N-Usf2<Gt(LTOPG)12Osb>

  Dr. Junji Takeda, Osaka University
    RBRC04786  B6;B6D2(ICR)-Smoc1<Tn(sb-lacZ,GFP)PV384Jtak>

  Dr. Takao Shimizu, The University of Tokyo
    RBRC04742  C.B6CB-Ltb4r2<tm1Tksh>

  Dr. Ichiro Sora, Tohoku university
    RBRC04749  C57BL/6J-Tg(DBH-hMOR)A
    RBRC04752  C57BL/6J-Tg(DBH-hMOR)D

  Dr. Hiroyuki Sorimachi, Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science
    RBRC04787  B6.129P2(FVB)-Capn3<tm1.1Hiso>

  Dr. Tetsuji Tanaka, Wakayama Medical University
    RBRC04791  B6;129P2-Dapk1<tm1Yuk>

  Dr. Hauke Werner, Max Planck Institute for Experimental Medicine
    RBRC04022  C57BL/6-Sept8<tm1>
    RBRC04805  C57BL/6-Sept8<tm1.1>

  RIKEN CDB, Research Promotion Division, RIKEN Kobe Institute
    RBRC04801  Kcp(tau-lacZ) (Acc.No.CDB0401K)
    RBRC04802  Cv2(tau-lacZ) (Acc.No.CDB0402K)
    RBRC04803  Cv2(nlacZ) (Acc.No.CDB0451K)

|  Newly available mouse strains

  The following mice have recently been rederived into our barrier
facility and are now available for distribution.

    RBRC03519  Cthrc1(lacZ) (Acc.No. CDB0502K)
    RBRC04115  C57BL/6N-Rnf40<Gt(LTOPG)02Osb>
    RBRC04119  C57BL/6N-4632411B12Rik<Gt(LTOPG)06Osb>
    RBRC04120  C57BL/6N-Ncapd3<Gt(LTOPG)07Osb>
    RBRC04121  C57BL/6N-Trappc9<Gt(LTOPG)08Osb>
    RBRC04122  C57BL/6N-Golga1<Gt(LTOPG)09Osb>
    RBRC04125  C57BL/6N-Usf2<Gt(LTOPG)12Osb>
    RBRC04373  C57BL/6N-Btg3<Gt(LTOCG)01Osb>
    RBRC04374  B6;B6D2-Wdr47<Gt(LTOCG)02Osb>
    RBRC04375  C57BL/6N-Eif2c3<Gt(LTOCG)03Osb>
    RBRC04376  C57BL/6N-BC031353<Gt(LTOCG)04Osb>
    RBRC04377  C57BL/6N-Zkscan3<Gt(LTOCG)05Osb>
    RBRC04378  B6;B6D2-A830080D01Rik<Gt(LTOCG)06Osb>
    RBRC04379  B6;B6D2-AK197646<Gt(LTOCG)07Osb>
    RBRC04380  B6;B6D2-Gpr172b<Gt(LTOCG)08Osb>
    RBRC04381  B6;B6D2-Ftsjd2<Gt(LTOCG)09Osb>
    RBRC04382  B6;B6D2-Sspn<Gt(LTOCG)10Osb>
    RBRC04383  B6;B6D2-Trappc9<Gt(LTOCG)11Osb>
    RBRC04384  B6;B6D2-Cenpp<Gt(LTOCG)12Osb>
    RBRC04385  B6;B6D2-tmcc1<Gt(LTOCG)13Osb>
    RBRC04386  B6;B6D2-Map3k7<Gt(LTOCG)14Osb>
    RBRC04387  C57BL/6N-Slc25a17<Gt(LTOCG)15Osb>
    RBRC04388  B6;B6D2-Tusc3<Gt(LTOCG)16Osb>
    RBRC04389  C57BL/6N-Col4a4<Gt(LTOCG)17Osb>
    RBRC04390  B6;B6D2-Prl3a1<Gt(LTOCG)18Osb>
    RBRC04391  C57BL/6N-Ppp3cc<Gt(LTOCG)19Osb>
    RBRC04392  B6;B6D2-Ipo11<Gt(LTOCG)20Osb>
    RBRC04665  C57BL/6N-Dnttip1<Gt(LTOCG)23Osb>
    RBRC04666  C57BL/6N-Rhbdl2<Gt(LTOCG)24Osb>
    RBRC04667  C57BL/6N-npm1<Gt(LTOCG)25Osb>
    RBRC04668  B6;B6D2-GLT25d2<Gt(LTOCG)26Osb>
    RBRC04669  C57BL/6N-Thada<Gt(LTOCG)27Osb>
    RBRC04670  B6;B6D2-Eya3<Gt(LTOCG)28Osb>
    RBRC04671  B6;B6D2-Phf3<Gt(LTOCG)29Osb>
    RBRC04672  B6;B6D2-Fuca1<Gt(LTOCG)30Osb>
    RBRC04673  B6;B6D2-Aspscr1<Gt(LTOCG)31Osb>
    RBRC04674  B6;B6D2-Ints1<Gt(LTOCG)32Osb>
    RBRC04675  B6;B6D2-A130042E20Rik<Gt(LTOCG)33Osb>
    RBRC04676  B6;B6D2-Dym<Gt(LTOCG)34Osb>
    RBRC04677  C57BL/6N-Kcnh8<Gt(LTOCG)35Osb>
    RBRC04678  C57BL/6N-Ankrd13c<Gt(LTOCG)36Osb>
    RBRC04503  B6.129P2-Smad7<tm1Tojo>
    RBRC04363  C57BL/6J-Tg(Myh6-PIP5KaDN)1
    RBRC04360  C57BL/6J-Tg(hSMA-TRPC6)1
    RBRC04488  C.129P2(B6)-Sirpa<tm1Nog>

|  Mouse strains for freeze preservation

  Since a sufficient number of embryos have been preserved, 
live mice of the following strains will be discontinued soon. 
It will take more than 3 months to recover live mice from frozen stock. 
Therefore, please inform us as soon as possible if you plan to use the 
mice and request them alive.

    RBRC01190  Evi9/BclIIa Knockout mice
    RBRC03076  B6;129S-Apcs<tm1Smae>
    RBRC01926  B6;129-Vamp7<tm1>
    RBRC02830  B6.Cg-Tg(Th-SNCA*)01-1Yosh
    RBRC02933  C57BL/6-Tg(Olfr16-Olr226*D126R/R127D,-EYFP)1Hsak
    RBRC02938  B6.Cg-Tg(Olfr16-cre,-ECFP)17Hsak
    RBRC02736  C57BL/6J-Tg(Dsg3TCR162)3
    RBRC02739  C57BL/6J-Tg(Dsg3TCR164)3
    RBRC02731  C57BL/6J-Tg(Dsg3TCR140)1
    RBRC01597  K14-AhR-CA TG mouse line 234
    RBRC01663  K14-AhR-CA TG mouse line 239
    RBRC01662  mGluR1 KO
    RBRC02900  B6;129P2-Poll<tm1Nmt>
    RBRC02338  B6;129P2-p130Cas<tm2Homy>
    RBRC02765  B6.Cg-Psmd4<tm2Smta>
    RBRC02831  B6.129S6-Gcg<tm1Yhys>
    RBRC04056  C57BL/6N-Tg(BGLAP-PTN/CAG-EGFP)21Thg
    RBRC01940  C3H/HeN-11<NSY>
    RBRC02909  B6.Cg-Pbwg1(SR7)
    RBRC02269  B6.129S4-Sgcg<tm1Oza>
    RBRC02250  C57BL/6J-Tg(CAG-Cox8/EGFP)49Rin
    RBRC02703  B6.Cg-Tg(CAG-Slc11a2)Q
    RBRC00062  C.B6-Enpp1<b>/Rbrc

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