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Cryopreservation of Mouse Embryos by Ethylene Glycol-Based Vitrification
JoVE 3155 11/18/2011

RIKEN BioResource Center Mouse E-mail Message No. 101

RIKEN BioResource Center (BRC) is pleased to update you with the latest

======= Contents =======================================================
- Special topic: Mouse of the Month
  "Lymphotoxin signaling in thymic organogenesis"
- BRC Current Technology
  "Generation of ES cells by ICSI or nuclear transfer"
- Announcement: The 36th Annual Meeting of the Molecular Biology Society
  of Japan
- Announcement: Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Immunology
- User publications
- Newly deposited mouse strains
- Newly available mouse strains
- Mouse strains for freeze preservation


|  Special topic: Mouse of the Month    October  2013

Lymphotoxin signaling in thymic organogenesis
  RBRC05281  B6;B6CB-Ltbr<tm1Mmat>

  Corresponding Researcher: Mitsuru Matsumoto, M.D., Ph.D.
              Institute for Enzyme Research, The University of Tokushima

  Depositor: Laboratory for Animal Resources and Genetic Engineering
              RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology (RIKEN CDB)
              CDB Acc. No. for LTβR-deficient mice: CDB0531K

Mouse of the Month archive

|  BRC Current Technology
|  "Generation of ES cells by ICSI or nuclear transfer"

  For strain conservation and biomedical research use

  BRC Current Technology archive

|  Announcement: The 36th Annual Meeting of the Molecular Biology
|  Society of Japan

  The 36th Annual Meeting of the Molecular Biology Society of Japan will
be held at Kobe Port Island from December 3rd to 6th. We are pleased to
welcome you on the "National BioResource Project (NBRP)" booth in the
Kobe International Exhibition Hall 3.

  The 36th Annual Meeting of the Molecular Biology Society of Japan

|  Announcement: Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Immunology
|  2013

  Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Immunology 2013 will be
held at Makuhari Messe Chiba from December 11th to 13th. It is our
pleasure to invite you to visit our booth in the International
Exhibition Hall 7.

  Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Immunology 2013

|  User publications

  The following results have been newly reported by users. We are
honored to introduce new publications to the science community.
Therefore, we look forward to receiving your publications too.

RBRC00144  C57BL/6-Ly-5.1
Iwata A, Kawashima S, Kobayashi M, Okubo A, Kawashima H, Suto A, Hirose
K, Nak ayama T, Nakajima H. Th2-type inflammation instructs inflammatory
dendritic cells to induce airway hyperreactivity. Int Immunol, 2013.

RBRC00267  C57BL/6-Tg(CAG-EGFP)C14-Y01-FM131Osb
Matsuyama M, Fujihara Y, Inaki R, Nishizawa S, Nagata S, Takato T,
Hoshi K. Evaluation of in vivo migration of chondrocytes from
tissue-engineered cartilage that was subcutaneously transplanted in
mouse model. Open Journal of Regenerative Medicine;2(4):93-98. doi:
10.4236/ojrm.2013.24013, 2013.

RBRC00267  C57BL/6-Tg(CAG-EGFP)C14-Y01-FM131Osb
Hirayama M, Ogawa M, Oshima M, Sekine Y, Ishida K, Yamashita K, Ikeda K,
Shimmura S, Kawakita T, Tsubota K, Tsuji T. Functional lacrimal gland
regeneration by transplantation of a bioengineered organ germ. Nat
Commun;4:2497. doi: 10.1038/ncomms3497, 2013.

RBRC00267  C57BL/6-Tg(CAG-EGFP)C14-Y01-FM131Osb
Kiguchi N, Kobayashi Y, Saika F, Kishioka S. Epigenetic upregulation of
CCL2 and CCL3 via histone modifications in infiltrating macrophages
after peripheral nerve injury. Cytokine. pii: S1043-4666(13)00710-2.
doi: 10.1016/j.cyto.2013.09.019, 2013.

RBRC00388  PROD-rol/+
Niimi K, Han Y, Zhou Y, Yoshimoto T, Dai F, Teng X, Tian X, Li W,
Takahashi E. Blockade of Cav2. 1-mediated NMDA receptor signaling
disrupts conditioned fear extinction. Behav Brain Res. pii: S0166-4328
(13)00648-7. doi: 10.1016/j.bbr.2013.10.033, 2013.

RBRC00806  GFP-LC3#53
Caramés B, Kiosses WB, Akasaki Y, Brinson DC, Eap W, Koziol J, Lotz MK.
Glucosamine activates autophagy in vitro and in vivo. Arthritis Rheum;65
(7):1843-52. doi: 10.1002/art.37977, 2013.

RBRC00806  GFP-LC3#53
Xu L, Kanasaki M, He J, Kitada M, Nagao K, Jinzu H, Noguchi Y, Maegawa
H, Kanasaki K, Koya D. Ketogenic essential amino acids replacement diet
ameliorated hepatosteatosis with altering autophagy-associated
molecules. Biochim Biophys Acta;1832(10):1605-12. doi: 10.1016/j.
bbadis.2013.05.003, 2013.

RBRC00806  GFP-LC3#53
Sishi BJ, Loos B, van Rooyen J, Engelbrecht AM. Doxorubicin induces
protein ubiquitination and inhibits proteasome activity during
cardiotoxicity. Toxicology;309:23-9. doi: 10.1016/j.tox.2013.04.016,

RBRC00806  GFP-LC3#53
Pengo N, Scolari M, Oliva L, Milan E, Mainoldi F, Raimondi A, Fagioli
C, Merlini A, Mariani E, Pasqualetto E, Orfanelli U, Ponzoni M, Sitia
R, Casola S, Cenci S. Plasma cells require autophagy for sustainable
immunoglobulin production. Nat Immunol;14(3):298-305. doi: 10.1038/ni.
2524, 2013.

RBRC00806  GFP-LC3#53
Kim SI, Na HJ, Ding Y, Wang Z, Lee SJ, Choi ME. Autophagy promotes
intracellular degradation of type I collagen induced by transforming
growth factor (TGF)-β1. J Biol Chem;287(15):11677-88. doi: 10.1074/jbc.
M111.308460, 2012.

RBRC00806  GFP-LC3#53
Kim SJ, Hong EH, Lee BR, Park MH, Kim JW, Pyun AR, Kim YJ, Chang SY,
Chin YW, Ko HJ. α-Mangostin Reduced ER Stress-mediated Tumor Growth
through Autophagy Activation. Immune Netw;12(6):253-60. doi: 10.4110/
in.2012.12.6.253, 2012.

RBRC00806  GFP-LC3#53
Patel AS, Lin L, Geyer A, Haspel JA, An CH, Cao J, Rosas IO, Morse D.
Autophagy in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. PLoS One;7(7):e41394. doi:
10.1371/journal.pone.0041394, 2012.

RBRC00806  GFP-LC3#53
Chong A, Wehrly TD, Child R, Hansen B, Hwang S, Virgin HW, Celli J.
Cytosolic clearance of replication-deficient mutants reveals Francisella
tularensis interactions with the autophagic pathway. Autophagy;8(9):
1342-56. doi: 10.4161/auto.20808, 2012.

RBRC00806  GFP-LC3#53
Sishi BJ, Loos B, van Rooyen J, Engelbrecht AM. Autophagy upregulation
promotes survival and attenuates doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity.
Biochem Pharmacol;85(1):124-34. doi: 10.1016/j.bcp.2012.10.005, 2012.

RBRC00806  GFP-LC3#53
Hoshino A, Matoba S, Iwai-Kanai E, Nakamura H, Kimata M, Nakaoka M,
Katamura M, Okawa Y, Ariyoshi M, Mita Y, Ikeda K, Ueyama T, Okigaki M,
Matsubara H. p53-TIGAR axis attenuates mitophagy to exacerbate cardiac
damage after ischemia. J Mol Cell Cardiol;52(1):175-84. doi: 10.1016/j.
yjmcc.2011.10.008, 2011.

RBRC00806  GFP-LC3#53
Choy A, Dancourt J, Mugo B, O'Connor TJ, Isberg RR, Melia TJ., Roy CR.
The Legionella Effector RavZ Inhibits Host Autophagy Through
Irreversible Atg8 Deconjugation. Science;338(6110):1072-6. doi: 10.1126/
science.1227026, 2012.

RBRC00806  GFP-LC3#53
Ni HM, Bockus A, Boggess N, Jaeschke H, Ding WX. Activation of
autophagy protects against acetaminophen-induced hepatotoxicity.
Hepatology;55(1):222-32. doi: 10.1002/hep.24690, 2011.

RBRC00806  GFP-LC3#53
Zhai P, Sciarretta S, Galeotti J, Volpe M, Sadoshima J. Differential
roles of GSK-3β during myocardial ischemia and ischemia/reperfusion.
Circ Res;109(5):502-11. doi: 10.1161/CIRCRESAHA.111.249532, 2011.

RBRC00806  GFP-LC3#53
Grumati P, Coletto L, Schiavinato A, Castagnaro S, Bertaggia E, Sandri
M, Bonaldo P. Physical exercise stimulates autophagy in normal skeletal
muscles but is detrimental for collagen VI-deficient muscles. Autophagy;
7(12):1415-23, 2011.

RBRC00806  GFP-LC3#53
Tian F, Morimoto N, Liu W, Ohta Y, Deguchi K, Miyazaki K, Abe K. In vivo
optical imaging of motor neuron autophagy in a mouse model of
amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Autophagy;7(9):985-92, 2011.

RBRC00806  GFP-LC3#53
Tian F, Deguchi K, Yamashita T, Ohta Y, Morimoto N, Shang J, Zhang X,
Liu N, Ikeda Y, Matsuura T, Abe K. In vivo imaging of autophagy in a
mouse stroke model. Autophagy;6(8):1107-14, 2010.

RBRC00806  GFP-LC3#53
French CJ, Taatjes DJ, Sobel BE. Autophagy in myocardium of murine
hearts subjected to ischemia followed by reperfusion. Histochem Cell
Biol. Histochem Cell Biol;134(5):519-26. doi: 10.1007/s00418-010-0748-0,

RBRC00806  GFP-LC3#53
Alirezaei M, Kemball CC, Flynn CT, Wood MR, Whitton JL, Kiosses WB.
Short-term fasting induces profound neuronal autophagy. Autophagy;6(6):
702-10, 2010.

RBRC00806  GFP-LC3#53
J Iovanna, MI Vaccaro. Quantitation of autophagy in the pancreas at the
tissue and cell levels. The Pancreapedia. Doi: 10.3998/panc.2010.13,

RBRC01170  Schnurri-2(Shn-2) Knockout mice -B6
RBRC01171  Schnurri-2(Shn-2) Knockout mice -BALB/c
Takao K, Kobayashi K, Hagihara H, Ohira K, Shoji H, Hattori S, Koshimizu
H, Umemori J, Toyama K, Nakamura HK, Kuroiwa M, Maeda J, Atsuzawa K,
Esaki K, Yamaguchi S, Furuya S, Takagi T, Walton NM, Hayashi N, Suzuki
H, Higuchi M, Usuda N, Suhara T, Nishi A, Matsumoto M, Ishii S,
Miyakawa T. Deficiency of schnurri-2, an MHC enhancer binding protein,
induces mild chronic inflammation in the brain and confers molecular,
neuronal, and behavioral phenotypes related to schizophrenia.
Neuropsychopharmacology;38(8):1409-25, doi: 10.1038/npp.2013.38, 2013.

RBRC01260  Xist<1loxGFP>mice
Hirasawa R, Matoba S, Inoue K, Ogura A. Somatic donor cell type
correlates with embryonic, but not extra-embryonic, gene expression in
postimplantation cloned embryos. PLoS One;8(10):e76422. doi: 10.1371/
journal.pone.0076422, 2013.

RBRC01828  B6.Cg-Tg(CAG-Cre)CZ-MO2Osb
RBRC01834  B6-Tg(CAG-FLPe)36
RBRC02096  B6.Cg-Tg(CAG-floxed Neo-EGFP)REP08Osb
Kobayashi N, Miyoshi S, Mikami T, Koyama H, Kitazawa M, Takeoka M, Sano
K, Amano J, Isogai Z, Niida S, Oguri K, Okayama M, McDonald JA, Kimata
K, Taniguchi S, Itano N. Hyaluronan deficiency in tumor stroma impairs
macrophage trafficking and tumor neovascularization. Cancer Res;70(18):
7073-83. doi: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-09-4687, 2010.

RBRC01834  B6-Tg(CAG-FLPe)36
RBRC02096  B6.Cg-Tg(CAG-floxed Neo-EGFP)REP08Osb
Maeda K, Kobayashi Y, Udagawa N, Uehara S, Ishihara A, Mizoguchi T,
Kikuchi Y, Takada I, Kato S, Kani S, Nishita M, Marumo K, Martin TJ,
Minami Y, Takahashi N.
Wnt5a-Ror2 signaling between osteoblast-lineage cells and osteoclast
precursors enhances osteoclastogenesis. Nat Med;18(3):405-12. doi:
10.1038/nm.2653, 2012.

RBRC02846  129S6/SvEvTac-Crx<tm1Clc>
Iura Y, Udo H. Behavioral analyses of visually impaired Crx knockout
mice revealed sensory compensation in exploratory activities on elevated
platforms. Behavioural Brain Res. pii: S0166-4328(13)00628-1. doi:
10.1016/j.bbr.2013.10.020, 2013.

RBRC02975  B6.129S-Atg5<tm1Myok>
Torisu T, Torisu K, Lee IH, Liu J, Malide D, Combs CA, Wu XS, Rovira II,
Fergusson MM, Weigert R, Connelly PS, Daniels MP, Komatsu M, Cao L,
Finkel T. Autophagy regulates endothelial cell processing, maturation
and secretion of von Willebrand factor. Nat Med;19(10):1281-7. doi:
10.1038/nm.3288, 2013.

RBRC03482  B6;129P2-Foxo3<tm1Nmt>
Ni HM, Du K, You M, Ding WX. Critical Role of FoxO3a in Alcohol-Induced
Autophagy and Hepatotoxicity. Am J Pathol. pii: S0002-9440(13)00596-8.
doi: 10.1016/j.ajpath.2013.08.011, 2013.

RBRC03653  Arx Dp-7 KI (B6)
RBRC03654  Arx (GCG)7-1 KI (B6)
Lee K, Mattiske T, Kitamura K, Gecz J, Shoubridge C.
Reduced polyalanine-expanded Arx mutant protein in developing mouse
subpallium alters Lmo1 transcriptional regulation. Hum Mol Genet, 2013.

RBRC01390  Nrf2 knockout mouse/C57BL6J
Irfan Rahman, Targeting of Histone Deacetylase 2, Protein Kinase CK2,
and Nuclear Factor NRF2 For Treatment of Inflammatory Diseases.
US20120022129 A1, US 13/030,354

RBRC00144  C57BL/6-Ly-5.1
Ken-ichiro Seino, Haruka WADA, Production method of immune cells
US20110027881 A1, US 12/845,178

RBRC01071  Floxed RBP-J
Linda E. Greenbaum, Klaus H. KaestnerAdult Hepatic Progenitor Cells and
Methods of Use Thereof
US20100329986 A1, US 12/683,084

RBRC00144  C57BL/6-Ly-5.1
Hiroyuki Miyoshi, Natsumi SHIMIZU, Hiroaki Kodama, Method of maintenance
and expansion of hematopoietic stem cells
US20090170205 A1, US 12/277,362

RBRC00267  C57BL/6-Tg(CAG-EGFP)C14-Y01-FM131Osb
Takashi Tsuji, Nobuo Sakuragawa, Method for production of tooth, and
tooth produced by the method
US20100129771 A1, 12/528,936

RBRC01916  pKF1KO4.3.1
Tamotsu Hashimoto, Atsushi Tsujimura, Knockout animal exhibiting
anxiety-like behavior.
US20100050277 A1, US 12/515,064

RBRC00267  C57BL/6-Tg(CAG-EGFP)C14-Y01-FM131Osb
Takashi Tsuji, Kazuhisa Nakao, Method of producing tooth, set of teeth,
and method of producing tissue
US20100021866 A1, US 11/921,233

|  Newly deposited mouse strains

  The following mice have been newly deposited with RIKEN BRC and will
be available shortly after rederivation.
  We appreciate the contributions of the depositors to the science

  Dr. Manabu Murakami, Hirosaki University
    RBRC05900  C57BL/6-Tg(CMV-EGFP/Pkd2l1*del)B
    RBRC05901  C57BL/6-Tg(CMV-EGFP/Pkd2l1*del)P

  Dr. Ryoichiro Kageyama, Institute for virus research, kyoto university
    RBRC05979  ICR;129-Hes1<tm1Fgu>
    RBRC05981  ICR;129-Hes5<tm1Fgu>
    RBRC05982  ICR.Cg-Hes5<tm1Kag>
    RBRC05983  ICR.Cg-Hes7<tm1Kag>
    RBRC05985  ICR.Cg-Hes7<tm2Kag>
    RBRC05986  ICR.Cg-Neurod4<tm1Kag>
    RBRC05989  ICR;D2-Tg(Hes1-Ub1Luc)EKag
    RBRC05990  ICR;D2-Tg(Hes7-Hes7,venus)1Kag
    RBRC05991  ICR;D2-Tg(Hes1-Ub1Luc)Ckag
    RBRC05992  ICR;D2-Tg(H7-UbLuc-In)3Kag
    RBRC05993  ICR.Cg-Hes7<tm3Kag>
    RBRC05994  ICR;D2-Tg(H7-UbLuc-In*del)1Kag
    RBRC06042  B6.Cg-Hes5<tm1Kag>
    RBRC06043  B6.Cg-Hes3<tm1Kag> Hes5<tm1Kag>
    RBRC06044  B6.Cg-Hes3<tm1Kag>

  Dr. Itaru Imayoshi, Institute for Virus Research, Kyoto University
    RBRC05995  ICR.Cg-Hes1<tm1Imayo>
    RBRC05996  C57BL/6-Tg(Nes-cre/ERT2)1Imayo
    RBRC05997  C57BL/6-Tg(Nes-cre/ERT2)3Imayo
    RBRC05998  C57BL/6-Tg(Nes-cre/ERT2)4Imayo
    RBRC05999  C57BL/6-Tg(Nes-cre/ERT2)5-1Imayo
    RBRC06000  C57BL/6-Tg(Nes-cre/ERT2)5-2Imayo
    RBRC06001  C57BL/6-Tg(Nes-cre/ERT2)6Imayo
    RBRC06002  ICR.Cg-Gt(ROSA26)Sor<tm1(Hes1,EGFP)Imayo>
    RBRC06003  ICR.Cg-Tg(CAG-Hes1,EGFP)1Imayo
    RBRC06004  ICR.Cg-Tg(CAG-Hes5,EGFP)1Imayo
    RBRC06006  ICR-Tg(Hes5-ECFP/PSLD)2Imayo
    RBRC06015  ICR-Tg(Hes1-Ub-NLS-luc2)1Imayo
    RBRC06016  ICR-Tg(Nes-NLS-mCherry)1Imayo
    RBRC06024  ICR;D2-Tg(Hes5-icre/ERT2)1Imayo
    RBRC06047  B6.Cg-Hes1<tm1Imayo>

  Dr. Masatake Araki, Kumamoto University
    RBRC06058  B6.Cg-Fbxo17<Gt(Ayu21-T57*SACre)2Card>
    RBRC06059  B6.Cg-Tspan9<Gt(Ayu21-T162*SACre)1Card>
    RBRC06060  B6.Cg-Alad<Gt(Ayu21-T323*mERT2)1Card>
    RBRC06061  B6.Cg-Alad<Gt(Ayu21-T323*mERT2)2Card>
    RBRC06062  B6.Cg-Gzf1<Gt(Ayu21-T62*SACre)2Card>
    RBRC06063  B6.Cg-Pknox1<Gt(Ayu21-B132*SACre)1Card>
    RBRC06064  B6.Cg-Pknox1<Gt(Ayu21-B132*SACre)2Card>
    RBRC06065  B6.Cg-Pkig<Gt(Ayu21-T354*mERT2)1Card>
    RBRC06066  B6.Cg-Pkig<Gt(Ayu21-T354*mERT2)2Card>
    RBRC06067  B6.Cg-Klf12<Gt(Ayu21-T299*mERT2)1Card>
    RBRC06068  B6.Cg-Trp53cor1<Gt(Ayu21-B186*mERT2)1Card>
    RBRC06069  B6.Cg-Trp53cor1<Gt(Ayu21-B186*mERT2)2Card>
    RBRC06070  B6.Cg-Mettl2<Gt(Ayu21-W15*SACre)1Card>
    RBRC06071  B6.Cg-Mettl2<Gt(Ayu21-W15*SACre)2Card>
    RBRC06072  B6.Cg-Gzf1<Gt(Ayu21-T62*SACre)3Card>
    RBRC06073  B6.Cg-Mettl2<Gt(Ayu21-W15*mERT2)1Card>
    RBRC06074  B6.Cg-Mettl2<Gt(Ayu21-W15*mERT2)2Card>
    RBRC06075  B6.Cg-Fkbp4<Gt(Ayu21-W74*mERT2)1Card>
    RBRC06076  B6.Cg-Fkbp4<Gt(Ayu21-W74*mERT2)2Card>
    RBRC06077  B6.Cg-Elovl6<Gt(Ayu21-W126*mERT2)1Card>
    RBRC06078  B6.Cg-Elovl6<Gt(Ayu21-W126*mERT2)2Card>
    RBRC06079  B6.Cg-Zfp13<Gt(Ayu21-W377*mERT2)1Card>
    RBRC06080  B6.Cg-Zfp13<Gt(Ayu21-W377*mERT2)2Card>
    RBRC06081  B6.Cg-CF166997<Gt(Ayu21-T34*SACre)1Card>
    RBRC06082  B6.Cg-CF166997<Gt(Ayu21-T34*mERT2)1Card>
    RBRC06083  B6.Cg-CF166997<Gt(Ayu21-T34*mERT2)2Card>
    RBRC06084  B6.Cg-2500002B13Rik<Gt(Ayu21-T167*mERT2)1Card>
    RBRC06085  B6.Cg-2500002B13Rik<Gt(Ayu21-T167*mERT2)2Card>
    RBRC06089  B6.Cg-CJ063182<Gt(Ayu21-T188*SACre)1Card>
    RBRC06090  B6.Cg-CJ063182<Gt(Ayu21-T188*SACre)2Card>
    RBRC06091  B6.Cg-Gt(Ayu21-W115*SACre)1Card
    RBRC06092  B6.Cg-BY736053<Gt(Ayu21-W148*mERT2)1Card>
    RBRC06093  B6.Cg-BY736053<Gt(Ayu21-W148*mERT2)2Card>
    RBRC06094  B6.Cg-Gt(Ayu21-W203*SACre)1Card
    RBRC06095  B6.Cg-Gt(Ayu21-W203*mERT2)1Card
    RBRC06096  B6.Cg-Hip1<Gt(Ayu21-T59*SACre)2Card>
    RBRC06097  B6.Cg-Tspan9<Gt(Ayu21-T162*SACre)2Card>
    RBRC06098  B6.Cg-Fkbp4<Gt(Ayu21-W74*SACre)1Card>
    RBRC06099  B6.Cg-Fkbp4<Gt(Ayu21-W74*SACre)2Card>
    RBRC06100  B6.Cg-Wdfy1<Gt(Ayu21-T239*mERT2)1Card>
    RBRC06101  B6.Cg-Wdfy1<Gt(Ayu21-T239*mERT2)2Card>
    RBRC06102  B6.Cg-Mark3<Gt(Ayu21-T297*mERT2)1Card>
    RBRC06103  B6.Cg-2500002B13Rik<Gt(Ayu21-T167*SACre)1Card>
    RBRC06104  B6.Cg-Gt(Ayu21-W52*SACre)1Card
    RBRC06105  B6.Cg-Gt(Ayu21-W52*SACre)2Card
    RBRC06106  B6.Cg-Gt(Ayu21-W52*mERT2)1Card
    RBRC06107  B6.Cg-Gt(Ayu21-W52*mERT2)2Card
    RBRC06108  B6.Cg-Gt(Ayu21-W52*mERT2)3Card
    RBRC06109  B6.Cg-AK089363<Gt(Ayu21-W207*mERT2)1Card>
    RBRC06110  B6.Cg-Gt(Ayu21-W241*mERT2)1Card
    RBRC06111  B6.Cg-Gt(Ayu21-W241*mERT2)2Card
    RBRC06112  B6.Cg-1600020E01Rik<Gt(Ayu21-W321*mERT2)1Card>
    RBRC06113  B6.Cg-Fto<Gt(Ayu21-T95*mERT2)1Card>
    RBRC06114  B6.Cg-Itpk1<Gt(Ayu21-T242*mERT2)1Card>
    RBRC06115  B6.Cg-Ubiad1<Gt(Ayu21-W138*mERT2)1Card>
    RBRC06116  B6.Cg-Ubiad1<Gt(Ayu21-W138*mERT2)2Card>

  Dr. Yumiko Saga, National Institute of Genetics
    RBRC06137  TP1-venus (ICR)

|  Newly available mouse strains

  The following mice have recently been rederived into our barrier
facility and are now available for distribution.

    RBRC02262  B6.129S-Zfhx2<tm3Ymri>
    RBRC04916  B6.129P2-Gnb1<Gt(prvSStrap)4B8Yiw>
    RBRC05065  B6.B6CB-Sox1<tm1(cre)Take>
    RBRC05100  B6(129P2)-Tg(CD34-cre)1Yiw
    RBRC05382  Stella-ECFP (Acc. No. CDB0465T)
    RBRC05752  B6.129-Ttll10<tm1Seto>
    RBRC05758  B6.Cg-Spred1<tm1Hiin>
    RBRC05760  B6.Cg-Spred1<tm1.1Ayos>
    RBRC05762  B6.Cg-Trafd1<tm1Ayos>
    RBRC05800  B6.Cg-Rab33b<tm1Mitf>/3108
    RBRC05801  B6.Cg-Kif15<tm1Mitf>
    RBRC05808  B6.129P2-Aldh2<tm1Kaw>
    RBRC05828  C57BL/6J-Tg(hSMA-MgT1)1
    RBRC05833  C57BL/6J-Tg(Myh6-PIP5K alpha DN)2
    RBRC05841  C57BL/6-Tg(hOX-tTA)1Ahky
    RBRC05888  C;129P2-Bri3bp<Gt(RST655)Byg>/Dkit
    RBRC05891  A.SM-(D12Mit56-D12Mit270)
    RBRC05912  C57BL/6N-Tg(CAG-L-Adipo)1Shb
    RBRC05920  C57BL/6J-Tg(Cdh5-rtTA)1
    RBRC05922  B6;129P2-Eed<tm1(I363M)Homy>
    RBRC05924  B6.Cg-Atpif1<tm1>
    RBRC05927  B6.Cg-Map3k5<tm1Hijo> Map3k15<tm1Hijo>
    RBRC05938  C57BL/6-Tg(Aicda*dME-cre,-CD2)1Hon
    RBRC05977  B6.129P2-Mmp14<tm2Ski>
    RBRC06033  C57BL/6-Gt(ROSA)26Sor<tm1(KPNA1)Yyo>/85

|  Mouse strains for freeze preservation

  Since a sufficient number of frozen stocks have been preserved, live
mice of the following strains will be discontinued soon.
  It will take more than 3 months to recover live mice from frozen stock.
Therefore, please inform us as soon as possible if you plan to use the
mice and request them alive.

    RBRC03326  TL6 KO
    RBRC05473  B6.129S6-Mad2l2<tm1Myo>
    RBRC05563  B6.Cg-Tg(tetO-cre)1Tfur
    RBRC05663  B6.Cg-Bcl6<tm1.1>
    RBRC05892  B6.129P2-Reck<tm1Ito>/Noda

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