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Cryopreservation of Mouse Embryos by Ethylene Glycol-Based Vitrification
JoVE 3155 11/18/2011

RIKEN BioResource Center Mouse E-mail News No. 110

RIKEN BioResource Center (BRC) is pleased to update you with the latest

======= Contents =======================================================
- Special topic: Mouse of the Month 
  "Visualizing the neuronal activity-regulated gene Arc"
- User publications
- Our recent publications
- Newly deposited mouse strains
- Newly available mouse strains
- Mouse strains for freeze preservation

|  Special topic: Mouse of the Month    July 2014

Visualizing the neuronal activity-regulated gene Arc
  RBRC06086  C57BL/6-Tg(Arc-EGFP/Arc)3Hbto/HbtoRbrc

  Depositor: Haruhiko Bito, M.D., Ph.D.
             Department of Neurochemistry 
             The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Medicine

Mouse of the Month archive

|  User publications

  The following results have been newly reported by users. We are
honored to introduce new publications to the science community.
Therefore, we look forward to receiving your publications too.

RBRC00806  B6.Cg-Tg(CAG-GFP/LC3)53Nmz/NmzRbrc  «GFP-LC3#53»
Ma B Cao W, Li W, Gao C, Qi Z, Zhao Y, Du J, Xue H, Peng J, Wen J,
Chen H, Ning Y, Huang L, Zhang H, Gao X, Yu L, Chen YG. Dapper1 promotes
autophagy by enhancing the Beclin1-Vps34-Atg14L complex formation. Cell
Res., doi: 10.1038/cr.2014.84, 2014.

RBRC01834  C57BL/6-Tg(CAG-FLPe)36Ito/ItoRbrc  «B6-Tg(CAG-FLPe)36»
Okuma A, Hoshino K, Ohba T, Fukushi S, Aiba S, Akira S, Ono M, Kaisho T,
Muta T.
Enhanced apoptosis by disruption of the STAT3-IκB-ζ signaling pathway
in epithelial cells induces Sjögren's syndrome-like autoimmune disease.
Immunity; 38(3):450-60, doi: 10.1016/j.immuni.2012.11.016, 2013.

RBRC02591  B6;B6CB-Git2<tm1Hsb>/SiaRbrc  «GIT2(-) (Acc. No. CDB0414K)»
Wei J, Wei C, Wang M, Qiu X, Li Y, Yuan Y, Jin C, Leng L, Wang J, Yang X,
He F. The GTPase-activating protein GIT2 protects against colitis by
negatively regulating Toll-like receptor signaling. Proc Natl Acad Sci
U S A.; 111(24):8883-8. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1309218111, 2014.

RBRC00267  C57BL/6-Tg(CAG-EGFP)C14-Y01-FM131Osb/OsbRbrc
Keun Soo Ahn, Kyung Ah Cho, Ho Seong Han, Sun Young Joo, Kyung Ha Ryu,
Ju Young Seoh, So Youn Woo. Composition for increasing liver volume for
the purpose of liver resection.
WO2012067437A2, WO2012067437A3

RBRC00916  B6.B6CB-Irf9<tm1Ttg>/TtgRbrc  «IRF-9 KO, C57BL/6J»
Hongliang Li, Zhang Xiaodong, Zhang Xiaodong, Xiang Mei Guo Sen,
Luyan Yun, Jiang Xi. Interferon regulatory factor 9 (irf9) and its
inhibitors in stroke disease.

RBRC00984  ICR;129P2-Nfe2l2<tm1Mym>/MymRbrc
Horst Weiler. Diagnostic method.

RBRC01361  B6.Cg-Trp53<tm1Sia>/Rbrc  «C57BL-p53+/-»
Yoshikazu Higami, Naoyuki Okita, Shingo Matsushima. Method of Treating
Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury.
US20130317042A1, EP2675448A1, WO2012105707A1

RBRC01390  B6.129P2-Nfe2l2<tm1Mym>/MymRbrc  «Nrf2 KO/C57BL6J»
Irfan Rahman. NRF2 Deficiency Influences Susceptibility to Steroid
Resistance via HDAC2 Reduction.
US20140080795A1, WO2012068454A2, WO2012068454A3

RBRC01888  B6(C)-Kit<W-sh>/Rbrc  «C57BL/6-Wsh/Wsh»
Akira Shibuya, Chigusa Oda, Gamage Udayanga Sanath Kankanam, Haruka Miki.
Medicine Comprising Modulator of Activity of CD300a-Expressing Cell
Associated with Allergic Disease, CD300a Gene Knock-out mouse, and use
of Modulator of Activity of CD300a-Expressing Cell.

|  Our recent publications

Hanaki K, Ike F, Kajita A, Yasuno W, Yanagiba M, Goto M, Sakai K, Ami Y,
Kyuwa S. A Broadly Reactive One-Step SYBR Green I Real-Time RT-PCR Assay
for Rapid Detection of Murine Norovirus. PLoS One.; 9(5): e98108,
doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0098108, 2014.

Hanaki K, Ike F, Kajita A, Yasuno W, Yanagiba M, Goto M, Sakai K, Ami Y,
Kyuwa S. Detection of murine norovirus by reverse transcription
loop-mediated isothermal amplification. J Virol Methods.; 204:17-24,
doi: 10.1016/j.jviromet.2014.03.025, 2014.

|  Newly deposited mouse strains

  The following mice have been newly deposited with RIKEN BRC and will
be available shortly after rederivation.
  We appreciate the contributions of the depositors to the science

  Dr. Hiromi Hagiwara, Toin University of Yokohama Faculty of Biomedical
    RBRC01769  129(B6)-Zfp318<tm1>

  Dr. Masashi Yanagisawa, University of Texas Southwestern Medical
Center at Dallas
    RBRC06162  B6;129-Ednra<tm1Ywa>
    RBRC06163  B6;129-Ednrb<tm1Ywa>
    RBRC06164  B6;129-Edn2<tm1Ywa>
    RBRC06165  B6;129-Edn3<tm1Ywa>
    RBRC06166  B6;129-Ece1<tm1Reh>
    RBRC06167  B6;129-Ece2<tm1Ywa>
    RBRC06321  B6.129-Ece2<tm1Ywa>
    RBRC06327  B6;129-Ffar3<tm1Reh>

  Dr. Akihiro Kume, Jichi Medical School
    RBRC06319  B6.BTBR-Pah<enu2>

  Dr. Tamio Ohno, Nagoya University
    RBRC06341  A.SM-Par1 Par3A

  Dr. Masahiro Yamaguchi, The University of Tokyo
    RBRC06355  B6.Cg-Tg(Nes-EGFP)1Yamm

  Dr. Takahisa Furukawa, Osaka University
    RBRC06356  B6(C3)-Lgalsl<tm1(KOMP)Vlcg>

  Dr. Kazuhiro Yamakawa, RIKEN
    RBRC06358  B6.129P2-Scn1a<tm1.1Kzy>

  Dr. Takahiro Iwamoto, Fukuoka University
    RBRC06376  C57BL/6J-Tg(Cdh5-NCX1.3)2
    RBRC06377  C57BL/6J-Tg(Trpv5-rtTA)1
    RBRC06378  C57BL/6J-Tg(Trpv5-NCX1.3)1
    RBRC06379  C57BL/6J-Tg(Trpv5-NCX1.3)2
    RBRC06380  C57BL/6J-Tg(hSMA-NCX1.3/EGFP)1

  Dr. Hidenori Ichijo, The University of Tokyo
    RBRC06385  C57BL/6-Dhx15<tm1Hijo>

  Dr. Tetsuichiro Saito, Chiba University
    RBRC06386  B6.Cg-Tg(Nepro-venus)1Tets

  Dr. Keiichi Nakayama, Kyushu University
    RBRC06387  B6;129P2-Ube4b<tm1Kei>
    RBRC06388  B6;129P2-Fbxl21<tm1Kei>
    RBRC06389  B6;129P2-Fbxl3<tm1Kei>
    RBRC06390  B6;129P2-Fbxl5<tm2.1Kei>
    RBRC06391  B6;129P2-Fbxo4<tm1Kei>
    RBRC06392  B6;129P2-Fbxo45<tm1Kei>
    RBRC06393  B6;129P2-Fbxw7<tm1Kei>
    RBRC06394  B6;129P2-Fbxw7<tm1Kin>
    RBRC06395  B6;129P2-Fbxw7<tm2.1Kei>
    RBRC06396  B6;129P2-Fez1<tm1Kei>
    RBRC06397  B6;129P2-Fkbp8<tm1Kei>
    RBRC06398  B6;129P2-Kpc1<tm1Kei>
    RBRC06399  B6;129P2-Kpc2<tm1Kei>
    RBRC06400  B6;129P2-Cdkn1b<tm2Kin>
    RBRC06401  B6;129P2-Cdkn1b<tm3Kin>
    RBRC06402  B6;129P2-Cdkn1c<tm2.1Kei>
    RBRC06403  B6;129P2-Cdkn1c<tm1Kat>
    RBRC06404  B6;129P2-Cdkn1c<tm1.1(Cdkn1b*)Kei>

  Dr. Masato Tanaka, Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences
    RBRC06408  C;129(B6)-Siglec1<tm1(HBEGF)Mtka>

|  Newly available mouse strains

  The following mice have recently been rederived into our barrier
facility and are now available for distribution.

    RBRC02132  B6.Cg-Tg(Hils-EGFP)2Htan
    RBRC04926  B6;129-Epha2<Gt(ROSABetageo)CN3Yiw>
    RBRC05536  B6.C3B6-Tg(HTLV-I/LTR-pX)647Yiw
    RBRC05881  B6.Cg-Phf2<tm1.2Yima>
    RBRC05950  B6.Cg-Lrrc32<tm1Hfuj>
    RBRC05998  C57BL/6-Tg(Nes-cre/ERT2)4Imayo
    RBRC06047  B6.Cg-Hes1<tm1Imayo>
    RBRC06132  C57BL/6-Tg(Oog1*2.7-AcGFP)B
    RBRC06173  ICR;FVB-Invs<inv>
    RBRC06176  C;KOR1-Mpzl3<+/->
    RBRC06177  KOR1-Mpzl3<-/->
    RBRC06179  C.KOR1-Pitx3<+/->
    RBRC06180  KOR1-Pitx3<-/->
    RBRC06186  FVB-Tg(H1-RNAi:EGFP/CAG-HcRed1)4Osb
    RBRC06191  B6.129-Acsbg1<tm1Nah>
    RBRC06218  C57BL/6-Susd3<tm1(KOMP)Vlcg>
    RBRC06248  B6.129-Brd1<tm2Hko>
    RBRC06250  ICR.Cg-Tg(Mt1-RET)242Ina
    RBRC06302  NEAT1(lacZ)(Acc.No.CDB0773K)

    RBRC05284  Prominin1 (Acc. No. CDB0623K)
    RBRC05918  B6.Cg-Tg(TOPGAL)
    RBRC06145  FVB.Cg-Tg(HSA-Slk*K63R)654
    RBRC06197  B6.129S4-Cckar<tm1Kym>
    RBRC06238  ICR.Cg-Capn6<tm1Hiso>

|  Mouse strains for freeze preservation

  Since a sufficient number of frozen stocks have been preserved, live
mice of the following strains will be discontinued soon. 
  It will take more than 3 months to recover live mice from frozen stock.
Therefore, please inform us as soon as possible if you plan to use the
mice and request them alive.

    RBRC02271  Otx2 conditional KO flox (Acc. No. CDB0013K)
    RBRC02708  B6.Cg-Tg(FucciG1)#610Bsi
    RBRC05524  B6.Cg-Tg(Col1a1-cre)1Haak
    RBRC05703  B6;129S4-Gt(ROSA)26Sor<tm1.1Tiw>
    RBRC05755  C57BL/6-Map3k15<tm1Hijo>
    RBRC05822  C57BL/6J-Tg(hSMA-NCX1*trun)1
    RBRC05842  C57BL/6-Tg(tetO-ArchT/EGFP)1Ahky
    RBRC05920  C57BL/6J-Tg(Cdh5-rtTA)1
    RBRC05924  B6.Cg-Atpif1<tm1>
    RBRC05945  ICR.Cg-Pax6<tm1Ued>
    RBRC06238  ICR.Cg-Capn6<tm1Hiso>

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