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Cryopreservation of Mouse Embryos by Ethylene Glycol-Based Vitrification
JoVE 3155 11/18/2011

RIKEN BioResource Center Mouse E-mail News No. 115

RIKEN BioResource Center (BRC) is pleased to update you with the latest

======= Contents ===============================================
- Special topic: Mouse of the Month 
  "CXCL12-abundant reticular cells as a microenvironmental niche in bone
- Holiday closing announcement
- User publications
- Newly deposited mouse strains
- Newly available mouse strains
- Mouse strains for freeze preservation

|  Special topic: Mouse of the Month    December 2014

CXCL12-abundant reticular cells as a microenvironmental niche in bone
  RBRC04200  B6;129P2-Cxcl12<tm2Tng>/TngRbrc
  RBRC04198  B6;129P2-Cxcr4<tm2Tng>/TngRbrc

Depositor: Takashi Nagasawa, M.D., Ph.D.
Department of Immunobiology and Hematology
Institute for Frontier Medical Sciences, Kyoto University

Mouse of the Month archive

|  Holiday closing announcement

  We will be closing from December 27, 2014 through January 4, 2015 due
to New Year's holidays. We will resume normal business from January 5,
  We wish you a wonderful holiday season, and all the best for the New

|  User publications

  The following results have been newly reported by users. We are
honored to introduce new publications to the science community.
Therefore, we look forward to receiving your publications too.

RBRC00144  B6.SJL-Ptprc<a>/Rbrc  «C57BL/6-Ly5.1»
Masuko K, Wakita D, Togashi Y, Kita T, Kitamura H, Nishimura T.
Artificially synthesized helper/killer-hybrid epitope long peptide
(H/K-HELP): Preparation and immunological analysis of vaccine efficacy.
Immunol Lett., doi: 10.1016/j.imlet.2014.11.016, 2014.

RBRC00806  B6.Cg-Tg(CAG-GFP/LC3)53Nmz/NmzRbrc  «GFP-LC3#53»
Nakaoka M, Iwai-Kanai E, Katamura M, Okawa Y, Mita Y, Matoba S. An
alpha-adrenergic agonist protects hearts by inducing Akt1-mediated
Biochem Biophys Res Commun., doi: 10.1016/j.bbrc.2014.11.067, 2014.

RBRC01059  NC/NgaRbrc
Hussain Z, Katas H, Mohd Amin MC, Kumolosasi E. Efficient
Immuno-Modulation of TH1/TH2 Biomarkers in
2,4-Dinitrofluorobenzene-Induced Atopic Dermatitis: Nanocarrier-Mediated
Transcutaneous Co-Delivery of Anti-Inflammatory and Antioxidant Drugs.
PLoS One; 9:e113143, 2014.

RBRC01071  B6.129P2-Rbpj<tm1Hon>/HonRbrc  «Floxed RBP-J»
Nakamura M, Shibata K, Hatano S, Sato T, Ohkawa Y, Yamada H, Ikuta K,
Yoshikai Y.
A Genome-Wide Analysis Identifies a Notch-RBP-Jκ-IL-7Rα Axis That
Controls IL-17-Producing γδ T Cell Homeostasis in Mice. J Immunol.,
pii: 1401619, 2014.

RBRC01908  B6.C3-Tg(Mt1-Il5)6Ato/KtkRbrc
Aihara N, Kamiie J, Yamada M, Shirota K. The Development of Mixed
Cryoglobulinemia in Capillaria hepatica-Infected Mice Is Associated with
the Capillaria Antigen-Induced Selective Proliferation of Splenic B-1a
Cells in Response to Interleukin-5 Stimulation. Am. J. Pathol. doi:
10.1016/j.ajpath.2014.09.017, 2014.

RBRC02705  B6.Cg-Tg(FucciS/G2/M)#492Bsi/BsiRbrc
RBRC02709  B6.Cg-Tg(FucciG1)#639Bsi/BsiRbrc
Marchingo JM, Kan A, Sutherland RM, Duffy KR, Wellard CJ, Belz GT,
Lew AM, Dowling MR, Heinzel S, Hodgkin PD. T cell signaling. Antigen
affinity, costimulation, and cytokine inputs sum linearly to amplify T
cell expansion. Science; 346:1123-7, 2014

|  Newly deposited mouse strains

  The following mice have been newly deposited with RIKEN BRC and will
be available shortly after rederivation.
  We appreciate the contributions of the depositors to the science

Dr. Kyoji Ikeda, National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology
  RBRC06142    B6.129-Tnfsf11<tm1>

Dr. Kazuhisa Sekimizu, The University of Tokyo
  RBRC06350    B6.129S2-Asf1b<Gt(ROSABetageo)437Muv>/Skmz
  RBRC06351    ICR;129S4(B6)-Asf1a<Gt(S7-4B1)Sor>/Skmz
  RBRC06352    B6.129S4-Asf1a<Gt(S7-4B1)Sor>/Skmz

Charles River Laboratories International, Inc.
  RBRC06455    C3H/HeNCrlCrlj

Dr. Tamio Ohno, Nagoya University
  RBRC06464    NC.MRL-Fas<lpr>

RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology
  RBRC06500    Aquaporin 4 (GFP)-9 (Acc.No. CDB0758K-1)

Dr. Masato Yasui, Keio University
  RBRC06502    C.129(B6)-Aqp6<tmMysi>

Dr. Atsushi Suzuki, Yokohama National University
  RBRC06505    ICR.Cg-Tg(CAG-cat,-3xFLAG/Dazl)3
  RBRC06506    ICR.Cg-Tg(CAG-cat,-3xFLAG/Dazl)4
  RBRC06507    ICR.Cg-Tg(CAG-cat,-3xFLAG/Dnd1*3'UTR)2
  RBRC06508    ICR.Cg-Tg(CAG-cat,-3xFLAG/Dnd1)3
  RBRC06509    ICR.Cg-Tg(Oct4dPE-creERT2)4

Dr. Fujio Murakami, Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences, Osaka
  RBRC06513    C57BL/6N-Pax6<tm2(iCre)Fmur>

Dr. Shinichiro Chuma, Institute for Frontier Medical Sciences, Kyoto
  RBRC06515    B6.Cg-Tdrd6<tm1Chum>
  RBRC06516    B6.Cg-Tdrd7<tm1.1Chum>

Dr. Atsushi Suzuki, Yokohama National University
  RBRC06518    ICR.Cg-Tg(N2enh-3xFALG/Nanos3/Nanos2*3'UTR)1

Dr. Keiichi Itoi, Tohoku University
  RBRC06519    C57BL/6N-Crh<tm1(venus)Ksak>
  RBRC06520    C57BL/6N-Crh<tm2(cre)Ksak>

Dr. Makoto Tachibana, Institute for Enzyme Research, The University of
  RBRC06532    B6.Cg-Jmjd1c<tm1Mtac>

|  Newly available mouse strains

  The following mice have recently been rederived into our barrier
facility and are now available for distribution.

  RBRC06164    B6;129-Edn2<tm1Ywa>
  RBRC06165    B6;129-Edn3<tm1Ywa>
  RBRC06166    B6;129-Ece1<tm1Reh>
  RBRC06167    B6;129-Ece2<tm1Ywa>
  RBRC06252    B6.Cg-Pdzrn3<tm1.2Ysa>
  RBRC06314    C3.129(MF1)-Sparc<tm1Cam>
  RBRC06329    C57BL/6-Tg(Ly6a-KDM1A*v2)3Fscr
  RBRC06337    ICR.Cg-Tg(Olfr1507-EYFP,Olfr1508-ECFP)10Hsak
  RBRC06340    ICR.Cg-Kirrel2<tm1Hsak>
  RBRC06346    ICR.Cg-Acsm4<tm1(cre)Hsak>
  RBRC06356    B6(C3)-Lgalsl<tm1(KOMP)Vlcg>
  RBRC06380    C57BL/6J-Tg(hSMA-NCX1.3/EGFP)1

|  Mouse strains for freeze preservation

  Since a sufficient number of frozen stocks have been preserved, live
mice of the following strains will be discontinued soon.
It will take more than 3 months to recover live mice from frozen stock.
Therefore, please inform us as soon as possible if you plan to use the
mice and request them alive.

  RBRC05927    B6.Cg-Map3k5<tm1Hijo> Map3k15<tm1Hijo>
  RBRC05945    ICR.Cg-Pax6<tm1Ued>
  RBRC06164    B6;129-Edn2<tm1Ywa>
  RBRC06238    ICR.Cg-Capn6<tm1Hiso>
  RBRC06329    C57BL/6-Tg(Ly6a-KDM1A*v2)3Fscr

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