Required Documents1Who should sign the MTA?We require the signature of the authorized representative of your institute, such as that of the Dean, Vice-chairman, or Head of the Intellectual Property Department. Furthermore, the principal investigator should sign the “Name of Scientist” field.
Required Documents2Do I have to mail the MTA?Please email us a PDF or fax a copy of the draft MTA for our initial review. If accepted, we will then ask you to send two originals by regular mail.
Required Documents3Can you accept a purchase order form from our institution?Unfortunately not. Please use the purchase order form from our website: Order
Delivery of the Mice1How soon can I expect delivery?Expected delivery of the mice takes up to 1-3 months after receiving the necessary documents.
Delivery of the Mice2How soon can you send me the frozen embryos?Expected delivery takes up to 1 month.
Delivery of the Mice3We ordered the knockout mice from RIKEN BRC. Could you send the mice to our contract breeding facility?When you request to ship the mice to a contract breeding facility, not to your University/Institution, please complete an "Additional Terms and Conditions for Outsourcing Work" to transfer the mice to a third party.
Pricing1What is the cost of one mouse?A single mouse costs 22,000 JPY for a non-profit organization and 44,000 JPY for a profit organization.
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Pricing2What is the cost of a breeding pair?A breeding pair (one female and one male) costs 44,000 JPY for a non-profit organization and 88,000 JPY for a profit organization.
Health Monitoring Program1Who is the veterinarian and what is his contact information?Shinya Ayabe, Ph.D., Fax: +81-29-836-9010, E-mail: animal.brc@riken.jp
Shipment1Which courier company do you use for shipment of mice?We use World Courier to ship our mice overseas via their door-to door delivery service.
Shipment2Can you give me an idea of the shipping costs?It costs approximately 180,000 JPY for 1-2 boxes, but the exact cost depends on the weight, size, and destination of the package. The shipping costs are charged separately by World Courier. For more information, please contact World Courier directly.
Payment1Do you need my purchase order number before shipping?No, your purchase order number is not necessary.
Payment2Can I use a credit card to pay for the mice?Yes, you can. Please click on the URL and follow the instructions to pay for the mice with your credit card.
Prepayment of distribution fees
Order Form
Other1My colleague in the next laboratory has already obtained KO mice from RIKEN BRC. May I use them in my research project?Please contact animal.brc@riken.jp. RIKEN BRC strongly recommends that you obtain the mice directly from our center to ensure quality.
Other2Can you send me the genotyping protocol of the transgenic mice I ordered?You can find and download the genotyping protocol of Tg and KO mice here:
"Genotyping PCR protocol"
Other3I purchased frozen embryos and received a dry shipper. I worried about the quality of the samples, because there seemed no liquid nitrogen in the bottom of the container.We use a pre-tested dry shipper which contains liquid nitrogen in a porous foam absorbent material lining inner wall of the container. The storage temperature in the central cavity remains below -150°C for more than a week with liquid nitrogen dry vapor. That is why you could not find any liquid (nitrogen) in the bottom of the container. Each container has validated history and is tested for the vapor evaporation rate prior to shipment at BRC. For our future improvement of our service and resource quality, please send us information on the recovery rates after thawing our samples to animal.brc@riken.jp. A dry shipper is reusable and must be returned promptly. We really appreciate your kind cooperation.

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