Research tools to investigate the role of autophagy in the mouse

The 2016 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to Dr. Yoshinori Ohsumi “for his discoveries of mechanisms for autophagy” [1]. Collaborative studies with Dr. Ohsumi led Dr. Noboru Mizushima and Dr. Masaaki Komatsu to establish popular strains to investigate the role of autophagy in the mouse [2-4]. Their mouse strains have been deposited to RIKEN BRC and distributed to over 240 institutions worldwide.

Popular strains

BRC No. Strain Name Depositor References
RBRC00806 GFP-LC3#53 Dr. Noboru Mizushima 2, 3
RBRC02231 B6;129-Atg5<tm1Nmz> Dr. Noboru Mizushima 3
RBRC02759 B6.Cg-Atg7<tm1Tchi> Dr. Masaaki Komatsu 4
RBRC02760 B6.Cg-Atg7<tm1.1Tchi> Dr. Masaaki Komatsu 4

[1] The 2016 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
[2] Mizushima N, Yamamoto A, Matsui M, Yoshimori T, Ohsumi Y. In vivo analysis of autophagy in response to nutrient starvation using transgenic mice expressing a fluorescent autophagosome marker. Mol Biol Cell 15(3):1101-1111, 2004.
[3] Kuma, A., Hatano, M., Matsui, M., Yamamoto, A., Nakaya, H., Yoshimori, T., Ohsumi, Y., Tokuhisa, T., and Mizushima, N. The role of autophagy during the early neonatal starvation period. Nature 432, 1032–1036, 2004.
[4] Komatsu M, Waguri S, Ueno T, Iwata J, Murata S, Tanida I, Ezaki J, Mizushima N, Ohsumi Y, Uchiyama Y, Kominami E, Tanaka K, Chiba T. Impairment of starvation-induced and constitutive autophagy in Atg7-deficient mice. J Cell Biol 169(3):425-434, 2005.

Mouse strains related to autophagy gene and autophagic machinery

BRC No. Strain Name Depositor References
RBRC02761 B6.Cg-Atg3<tm1> Dr. Masaaki Komatsu Mol. Biol. Cell 19:4762-4775 (2008).
RBRC02975 B6.129S-Atg5<tm1Myok> Dr. Noboru Mizushima Nature 441, 885-889 (2006).
RBRC03914 C57BL/6-Tg(Myh6-mCherry/LC3)1Acvm Dr. Kiyoshi Nobori Circ. J. 74, 203-206 (2010).
RBRC05545 C.129S4-Tecpr1<tm1> Dr. Chihiro Sasakawa, Dr. Michinaga Ogawa Cell Host Microbe, 9, 376-389 (2011). Mol. Cell, 45, 629-641 (2012).
RBRC09404 B6.CBA-Park2<tm1Tchi> Dr. Tomoki Chiba J. Neurosci. Res., 84:1350-1357 (2006).

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