Apr 2008 PRAT4A KO Mouse


A Key Molecule for Innate and Adaptive Immunity

BRC No. RBRC02399_C57BL/6-PRAT4A<tm1Kmiy>
Research Application:Immunology and Inflammation Research

PRAT4A KO mouse & its Litter Mate

Bone Marrow derived DCs lacking PRAT4A are impaired in TLR-dependent responses


   Immune cells such as dendric cells (DCs) and macrophages express multiple Toll-like receptors (TLRs) which recognize a variety of pathogen products. A protein associated with TLR4 (PRAT4A) has been found to bind TLR4, and regulate the expression of TLR4 and the response to LPS. Using PRAT4A-deficient mice, there are defective cytokine production against bacteria and activation of Th1 responses. DCs, macrophages and B cells lacking PRAT4A have impaired responses to a variety of TLR ligands. The PRAT4A-deficient bone marrow chimera mice are resistant to lethal-dose LPS administration in the LPS-induced sepsis model to analyze in vivo immune response. This mutant mouse is useful for the study of PRAT4A in innate and adaptive immunity.


Depositor :  Dr. Kensuke Miyake (The University of Tokyo)
Reference : J Exp Med. 204, 2963-2976 (2007)

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