Apr 2009 A Japanese wild-derived inbred strain for functional genomics


A Japanese wild-derived inbred strain for functional genomics

MSM/MsRbrc RBRC00209
Gen:F49 +F56



  MSM (RBRC00209) is a wild-derived inbred strain originated from Japanese wild mice,Mus musculus molossinus [1]. The MSM mice have several unique phenotypes, such as small body size (<15 grams), low incidence of tumor development, and distinct behaviors, making them promising resources for higher brain functions and lifestyle-related diseases by expanding genome diversity. The MSM is especially invaluable for uncovering novel functions of the genome by the availability of the MSM genomic BAC libraries [2], whole genome sequence information [3], microsatellite marker data [4], consomic strains with C57BL/6 background [5], and germ cell competent ES cells [6]. Thus, the MSM expands the range of the genetic variations of laboratory mouse strains.


Depositor : Professor Toshihiko Shiroishi, Mammalian Genetics Laboratory, National Institute of Genetics, Mishima, Shizuoka-ken 411-8540, Japan.
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