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Cryopreservation of Mouse Embryos by Ethylene Glycol-Based Vitrification
JoVE 3155 11/18/2011

Glycinergic neuron Cre-driver mice


Glycinergic neuron Cre-driver mice

C57BL/6-Slc6a5<tm1.1(cre)Ksak> (RBRC10109)


Courtesy of Toshikazu Kakizaki, Ph.D.

X-gal staining of midbrain and hindbrain sections from adult GLYT2-Cre KI/R26R double transgenic mice.
X-gal positive signals were detected in a specific region consisting of glycinergic neuron.


Glycinergic neuron is a major inhibitory neuron in central nervous system (brainstem, spinal cord, etc.), which control various physiological functions (sensory, motor, respiratory, etc.) depending on the activity of glycine neurotransmitter transportation. GLYT2-Cre KI mice (RBRC10109) is a useful Cre driver strain for glycinergic neuron related research. GLYT2-Cre KI mice express Cre-recombinase under the control of endogenous Glyt2 (Slc6a5) gene promoter. Because GLYT2 (glycine transporter 2) localize to glycinergic neuron, GLYT2 is known to be a specific marker of glycinergic neuron. Depositor (Dr. Kakizaki) and his colleague clarified that GLYT2-Cre KI mice express Cre recombinase in glycinergic neuron by mating experiments with Cre-reporter (R26R) mice and this expression region is colocalized to Glyt2 mRNA expression region. It means that GLYT2-Cre KI mice allow the gene manipulation by Cre/loxP recombination system in glycinergic neuron. GLYT2-Cre KI mice will offer new insight into the functions and mechanisms of glycinergic neuron and glycinergic neurotransmitter in vivo.


Depositor : Toshikazu Kakizaki, Ph.D.
Department of Genetic and Behavioral Neuroscience, Graduate School of Medicine, Gunma University
Strain name : C57BL/6-Slc6a5<tm1.1(cre)Ksak>
RBRC No. : RBRC10109
Reference : Kakizaki T, Sakagami H, Sakimura K, Yanagawa Y.
A glycine transporter 2-Cre knock-in mouse line for glycinergic neuron-specific gene manipulation.
IBRO Rep. 2017 Dec; 3:9-16.


December 2019
Saori Mizuno, Ph.D.
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