Jan 2008 mDomino KO Mouse


mDomino KO Mouse
An essential molecule for embryonic hematopoiesis

BRC No. RBRC01774_mDomino knockout mouse
Research Application : Developmental Biology
Defect in primitive hematopoiesis in mDom-mutated embryos (E9.5)
(o-dianisidine staining for hemoglobin)


The SWI2/SNF2 family protein, p400/mDomino (mammalian Domino), is an Swr1-class DNA-dependent ATPase that is a core subunit of a large chromatin-remodeling complex, and is suggested to play a unique function in histone variant exchange. The mDomino-mutated mice are embryonic lethal by day 11.5 (E11.5), and show a defect in embryonic hematopoiesis. The gene expression profile revealed that erythroid-specific genes were reduced in mDomino-mutated embryo (E8.5). The mDomino mutation also enhanced the expression of Hox genes, including Hoxa7, Hoxa9 and Hoxb9, in the yolk sac.


Depositor : Dr. Rikiro Fukunaga (Kyoto University)
Reference : Genes Cells. (2007) May;12(5):581-92.

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