Jun 2008 Drs KO Mouse


Drs KO Mouse
A Key Molecule for Tumor Suppression

BRC No. RBRC02435 B6.Cg-Srpx<tm1Hzi>
Research Application : Apoptosis Research
Cancer Research
RBRC02435 B6.Cg-Srpx<tm1Hzi>


  The Drs (downregulated by v-src) gene is originally found as a novel suppressor of v-src transformation. The Drs gene expresses in most normal tissues, however the expression is completely downregulated in a variety of cancer cell lines and tissues. It has been shown that malignant tumors such as lymphomas, lung adenocarcinomas and hepatomas were generated in about 30% of the Drs KO mice between 7 and 12 months. The Drs KO embryonic fibroblasts also showed enhanced sensitivity to transformation by viral oncogenes. Reintroduction of Drs gene into a tumor cell line derived from the tumor of the Drs KO mouse suppresses tumorigenesis and enhances caspase-mediated apoptosis.


Depositor :  Dr. Hirokazu Inoue (Shiga University of Medical Science) (Japanese page)
Reference :  Carcinogenesis. 2007 28(4):777-84.

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