Oct 2011 Visualizing Histone H2A Variants in Chromatin


Visualizing Histone H2A Variants in Chromatin

B6;B6D2-Tg(CAG-flag-H2A) RBRC05073
B6;B6D2-Tg(CAG-flag-H2A.Z) RBRC05074
B6;B6D2-Tg(CAG-flag-macroH2A1.2) RBRC05075

Images of nucleosomes in oocytes immunostained with anti-Flag antibody. The oocytes undergoing first meiosis were collected from transgenic mice carrying Flag-tagged H2A, H2A.Z, and macroH2A. Flag signals were uniformly distributed in the nucleosome in Tg-H2A oocytes, absent from the pericentromeric heterochromatin in Tg-H2A.Z oocytes, and concentrated on the pericentromeric heterochromatin in Tg-macroH2A oocytes.


There are several variants of histone H2A that change in chromatin composition during genome remodeling after fertilization. These flag epitope-tagged histone H2A variant transgenic mouse lines were generated to investigate the dynamics of the canonical histone H2A and its 3 variants, H2A.X, H2A.Z, and macroH2A. These transgenic mice are clearly useful to visualize changes of histone H2A variants in chromatin during oogenesis and pre-implantation development.


Depositor : Dr. Fugaku Aoki, The University of Tokyo
Reference : Nashun B, Yukawa M, Liu H, Akiyama T, Aoki F. Changes in the nuclear deposition of histone H2A variants during pre-implantation development in mice. Development.;137(22):3785-94, 2010.

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