Sep 2009 Sox2: An essential factor for maintaining neural stem cells


Sox2: An essential factor for maintaining neural stem cells

Floxed Sox2 mice RBRC 01897
mn0909_0101 mn0909_0102
A: a heterozygous floxed Sox2 mouse of
C57BL/6JJcl background

B: wild-type, C: Sox2FL/FL; Nestin-Cre
Neurogenic potential is attenuated in (C) Sox2-deficient neurosphere cells compared to those from (B) wild-type mice.
Red, MAP2+ neurons; Green, GFAP+ astrocytes; Blue, DAPI


The SoxB1 subfamily members, Sox1, Sox2, and Sox3, are coexpressed in neural stem cells and progenitor cells in the developing brain. Gene-targeting technology was utilized to study the role of Sox1 and Sox3 in the developing central nervous system. The results of inactivation of Sox1 and Sox3 in mutant mice suggest redundancy within the developing brain tissues among SoxB1 family members. The role of transcription factor Sox2 was investigated specifically in the developing brain by crossing the floxed Sox2 conditional knockout mice (RBRC01897) with neural stem/progenitor cell-specific Cre mice. Homozygous mutant mice had enlarged lateral ventricles and a reduced number of neurosphere-forming cells at a late embryonic stage, and died soon after birth. This strain is useful for studying the function of the Sox2 gene in various Sox2-positive tissues such as developing brain by crossing tissue-specific Cre transgenic mice.


Related strain : SRR2-Bgeo transgenic mice RBRC01302 (visualizing neural stem/progenitor cells residing in restricted areas of the telencephalon)
Depositor : Dr. Akihiko Okuda, Saitama Medical University
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