Request to Users

Please use the following sentence to expressly describe the RIKEN BRC as the source of the BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE in ‘Materials and Methods’ of your publication.

Example : “ABC mouse strain (RBRCxxxxx) was provided by RIKEN BRC through the National BioResource Project of the MEXT/AMED, Japan.”

The RIKEN BRC is a non-profit institution funded by the Japanese Government.
We are engaged in collecting, maintaining, multiplying, storing and distributing bioresources, in order to support research and development in the field of life sciences.
The RIKEN BRC has been providing bioresources not only to scientists in Japan but also to those in overseas.
To be able to continue our service to the international scientific community, the RIKEN BRC needs to demonstrate publicly our contribution to the scientific community by disclosing our user’s research publications.

According to Article 5 of the MTA we would like to request a reprint of any published research paper that involved the BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE supplied by RIKEN BRC.

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