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Cryopreservation of Mouse Embryos by Ethylene Glycol-Based Vitrification

JoVE 3155 11/18/2011

New Cre driver mouse lines

Dear colleagues,

RIKEN BRC participates the CREATE Consortium as an advisor, 
the International Coordination Group.  The CREATE is collecting 
requests and suggestions from the international mouse research 
community for new Cre lines. Please read the following letter.


Dear Scientist,

If you are using or planning to use mouse conditional mutagenesis 
(Cre-LoxP system) as a tool in your experiments, we encourage you to 
read this.

CREATE is an international Coordination Action addressing a large scale
data gathering activity for systematic conditional mouse mutagenesis.
As part of the CREATE mandate, we want to determine the tools you need.
Therefore we invite you to participate in an on-line survey at our new
website, <> . Your responses to 
this survey will help us to identify tissues, cell lineages and
biological fields for which there are insufficient or ineffective Cre
drivers. These will form the basis for selection of >250 new Cre
driver mouse lines that will be generated by the EU consortium
EUCOMMTOOLS to be distributed worldwide through the European Mutant
Mouse Archive (EMMA) and by the Canadian NorCOMM2ls Project to be
distributed by the Canadian Mouse Mutant Repository (CMMR).

The results of the survey as well as production status of the new Cre
lines will be available at CREATE website - 
<> .

We would be very grateful if you forwarded this link to your colleagues
(especially students and postdocs) who for logistical reasons might not
be on the mailing list. We will collect and consider all responses 
received prior to 25 September 2010.

The survey is anonymous, however if you would like to receive direct
feedback you may provide your contact e-mail in an allocated field of
the survey.

Thank you for your time and advice, and don't hesitate to contact us
with further questions or ideas.

Nadia Rosenthal for the CREATE consortium
EMBL Mouse Biology Unit
European Molecular Biology Laboratory
via Ramarini 32
00015 Monterotondo (RM) ITALY
web: <>

The CREATE consortium:
Nadia Rosenthal, EMBL-MR (Italy) (Coordinator)
Vassilis Aidinis, BSRC Fleming (Greece)
Steve Brown, MRC-MGU (UK)
Janan Eppig, JAX (USA)
Yann Herault, GIE-CERBM (France)
Andras Nagy, SLRI-MSH (Canada)
Ramiro Ramirez-Solis, Sanger (UK)
Damian Smedley, EMBL-EBI (UK)
Wolfgang Wurst, IDG-HMGU (Germany)


Thank you.

Atsushi Yoshiki, Ph.D.
Experimental Animal Division
RIKEN BioResource Center
Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-0074
Tel: +81-29-836-9192