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JoVE 3155 11/18/2011

Bcl6 reporter mice for immune memory research


Bcl6 reporter mice for immune memory research

B6.Cg-Bcl61<tm1.1Toka> (RBRC10015)



Immune memory is the immune system to produce a higher-affinity antibody rapidly for antigens which have been exposed previously. This system is utilized at vaccination, and so on. However, the dynamic mechanism is little known. The transcription factor Bcell lymphoma 6 (Bcl6) reporter mice was established for elucidation of antibody production mechanism in vivo. Immune memory occurs at the germinal center (GC), which is formed in the secondary lymphoid organs for immune response. Bcl6 regulates the development of both GC B cells and follicular helper T (Tfh) cells in the GC.
Actually, depositor (Dr.Okada) and his colleague clarified the dynamic relationship between Bcl6, GC B cells and Tfh cells during antibody response.
Moreover, this Bcl6 reporter mice contributed to elucidate differentiation mechanism of GC B cells (2).


Depositor : Takaharu Okada, Ph.D.
Laboratory for Tissue Dynamics
RIKEN Center for Integrative Medical Sciences
Strain name : B6.Cg-Bcl6<tm1.1Toka>
RBRC No. : RBRC10015
References : [1] Kitano M, Moriyama S, Ando Y, Hikida M, Mori Y, Kurosaki T, Okada T. Bcl6 protein expression shapes pre-germinal center B cell dynamics and follicular helper T cell heterogeneity. Immunity.; 34(6): 961-972, 2011.
[2] Ise W, Fujii K, Shiroguchi K, Ito A, Kometani K, Takeda K, Kawakami E, Yamashita K, Suzuki K, Okada T, Kurosaki T. T Follicular Helper Cell-Germinal Center B Cell Interaction Strength Regulates Entry into Plasma Cell or Recycling Germinal Center Cell Fate.Immunity.; 48(4): 702-715, 2018.


January 2019
Contact: Saori Mizuno, Ph.D.
Experimental Animal Division, RIKEN BioResource Research Center
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