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Cryopreservation of Mouse Embryos by Ethylene Glycol-Based Vitrification
JoVE 3155 11/18/2011

May 2005 A Model for Impaired Cytokine Secretion

May 2005
Mouse of the Month

A Model for Impaired Cytokine Secretion

Increased susceptibility to viral infection due to lowered INF α / β production
Targeted mutation, Irf3tm1Ttg, Chr 7
Gene Symbol:Irf3 (interferon regulatory factor 3)
Human homolog:HR (OMIM603734)

BRC No. 00858
Strain name:IRF-3 KO (C57BL/6J) / B6.129S6- Irf3tm1Ttg

Research Application: Immunology and Inflammation Research, Cancer Research. The Irf3 deficient mice were created by replacing a 2.2 kb region of Irf3 containing a putative transcription initiation site and the coding N-terminal region of the DNA binding domain. The analysis of MEFs demonstrated loss of Irf3 protein. Homozygous null mice are more susceptible to viral infection such as encephalomyocarditis virus and exhibit lower serum interferon levels in response to viral infection, indicating incapability of the mutant to respond against viral infection. A series of Irfs-KO mice have been deposited by Dr. T Taniguchi to the RIKEN BRC.
BRC No. 00915, IRF-9 KO (BALB/c) C.Cg- Irf9tm1Ttg
BRC No. 00916, IRF-9 KO (C57BL/6J) / B6.CB- Irf9tm1Ttg
BRC No. 01420, IRF-7 KO / B6.129P2- Irf7m1Ttg
DEPOSITOR: Dr. Tadatsugu Taniguchi
Reference: Sato M. Immunity 13, 539-548, 2000.
Honda K et al. Nature 434, 772-777, 2005.
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