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Cryopreservation of Mouse Embryos by Ethylene Glycol-Based Vitrification
JoVE 3155 11/18/2011


Oct 2018
Green-to-red fluorescent-convertible Cre-reporter mice

Sep 2017
RAQP4, the main subset of the aquaporin water channel family in the brain
Aug 2017
Transcranial imaging of intracellular Ca2+ in astrocytes and neurons
Jun 2017
A tool for understanding endogenous sphingolipid synthesis
Apr 2017
Regulatory function of nuclear protein IκB-ζ in inflammatory responses
Mar 2017
Identifying pheromone circuits in mice
Feb 2017
Cell type-specific expression of photoconvertible fluorescent protein KikGR

Oct 2016
Autophagy monitoring congenic strains
Oct 2016
Atg7 deletion in various tissues
Sep 2016
A new CreERT2 line for studying
PDGFRα-expressing cells in vivo
Aug 2016
Monitoring cell replacement and migrationin vivo with Kaede
201609 201608
Jun 2016
Essential role of condensins I and II for early embryonic divisions in mice
May 2016
Whole-body in vivo monitoring using human IL6-luciferase transgenic mice
Apr 2016
Impaired female fertility in Tinagl1 deficient mice
Mar 2016
A knock-in mouse strain with R124H human TGFBI mutation
201606 201605 201604 201503
Feb 2016
Activation of NF-κB pathway and suppression of cell death through linear polyubiquitination activity of LUBAC
Jan 2016
Tracking and depletion of XCR1-positive dendritic cells
201602 201601

Dec 2015
Estimating germline mutation rate in laboratory mouse
Nov 2015
Pathomechanistic model mice of sporadic ALS: Conditional ADAR2 knockout mice AR2
Oct 2015
A tool for olfactory sensory neuron-specific mosaic analysis
Sep 2015
One-step generation of multiple transgenic mouse lines
201512 201511 201510 201509
Aug 2015
Multiple roles of Tetraspanin-interacting protein IGSF8
Jul 2015
SIP1 expression patterns in the brain
Jun 2015
Genetic tool for controlled G-CaMP7 expression in vivo
May 2015
A key factor for epigenetic inheritance of DNA methylation
201508 201507 201505

Apr 2015
Mouse model of human 15q11–13 duplication
Feb 2015
Sirt1 overexpression in neural and vascular endothelial cells
Jan 2015
Clarifying the role of Fbxw7 in cancer
apr2015 Feb 2015 Jan 2015

Dec 2014
CXCL12-abundant reticular cells as a microenvironmental niche in bone marrow
Nov 2014
C429S mutation in the mouse β-catenin gene leads to infertility
Oct 2014
A model mouse strain for Dravet syndrome
Sep 2014
App knock-in mouse strains: new models for Alzheimer’s disease
201412 Print 201410 201409
Aug 2014
Cell signaling of stress response via ASK1
Jul 2014
Visualizing the neuronal activity-regulated gene Arc
Jun 2014
Conditional ablation of HMGB1 in mice
May 2014
Acquired A20 (Tnfaip3) deficiency in mice
201408 201407 Jun 2014 201405
Apr 2014
Targeted disruption of exon 52 in the dystrophin gene
Mar 2014
Novel ROSA26 Cre-reporter knock-in C57BL/6N mice
Jan 2014
Fluorescent labeling of GABAergic neurons in the GAD67-GFP knock-in mouse
201404 201403 mn1401_0101

Dec 2013
New reporter line for optogenetic stimulation at high frequencies
Nov 2013
Skin abnormalities in mice lacking CD109
Oct 2013
Lymphotoxin signaling in thymic organogenesis
Sep 2013
Altered barrier integrity and enhanced sensitization by filaggrin deficiency
mn1312_01022 mn1311_0101 mn1310_0101 mn1309_0101
Aug 2013
Visualizing primordial germ cell development in mice
Jul 2013
Cre-mediated recombination in villus epithelial cells of the intestine
Jun 2013
A tool for the conditional deletion of the transcriptional repressor Bcl6
May 2013
Regulating gene expression in photoreceptor precursor cells
mn1308_0101 mn1307_0101 mn1306_0101 mn1305_0101
Apr 2013
Expanding the re
pertoire of optogenetic control
Mar 2013
Cre reporter mouse expressing nuclear-localized beta-galactosidase
Feb 2013
Multifunctional Rosa26 reporter mouse strain
 Jan 2013
Monitoring endoplasmic reticulum stress in mice
 mn1304_0101  mn1303_0101  mn1302_0101  mn1301_0101

Dec 2012
CD169+ macrophages in immune regulation
Nov 2012
Metabolic impact of glucagon deficiency
Oct 2012
A tool for the generation of germline-competent iPS cells
Sep 2012
Critical roles of TRAF6
Aug 2012
Lethal anemia and chronic polyarthritis caused by undigested mammalian DNA
Jul 2012
PD-1 deficiency and autoimmunity
Jun 2012
Atg7 deletion in various tissues
May 2012
Renin-angiotensin system in hypertension
Aug 2012 Jul 2012 Jun 2012 May 2012
Apr 2012
Nrf2 in stress response and cancer development
Mar 2012
Autophagy monitoring congenic strains
Feb 2012
Green congenic mouse strains
Jan 2012
A gene for central respiratory regulation
Apr 2012 Mar 2012 Feb 2012 Jan 2012

Dec 2011
Neurodegeneration via endoplasmic reticulum stress
Nov 2011
Hairless Congenics for Dermatology Studies
Oct 2011
Visualizing Histone H2A Variants in Chromatin
Sep 2011
TRPM1, a causative molecule for night blindness in retinal ON bipolar cells
Dec 2011 Nov 2011 Oct 2011 Sep 2011
Aug 2011
GP2 on M Cells for the Mucosal Immune Response
Jul 2011
A Systemic Inflammation Model:Unc93B1 with a D34A mutation
Jun 2011
A Dnmt1 knock-out mouse for epigenetic studies
May 2011
Detecting Autophagy in the Heart
Aug 2011 Jul 2011 Jun 2011 May 2011
Apr 2011
A Conditional Lung Injury Model
Mar 2011
Visualizing neuronal activity
Apr 2011 Mar 2011

Jul 2010
A model for retinitis pigmentosa (RP)
Jun 2010
A model for psychiatric disorder
Jul 2010 Jun 2010

Oct 2009
Dopamine receptor knockout mice
Oct 2009
Sep 2009
Sox2: An essential factor for maintaining neural stem cell
Sep 2009
Aug 2009
Visualizing the Wnt signal pathway

Aug 2009
Jul 2009
Atg5: An essential molecule of autophagy
Jul 2009
Jun 2009
C57BL/6-Ly5 Antigen (Ptprc) Congenic Strains
Jun 2009
May 2009
The only one strain for study of NF-kB/RelA subunit in vivo
May 2009
Apr 2009
A Japanese wild-derived inbred strain for functional genomics
Apr 2009
Mar 2009
Fucci mice for visualizing cell-cycle in vivo
Mar 2009
Feb 2009
The Tsix/Xist-deficient Strains
Feb 2009
Jan 2009
BALB/c Hbb Congenic Strains
Jan 2009

Aug 2008
Delphilin KO Mouse
Jul 2008
Lck-p19Arf Transgenic Mouse
Jun 2008
Drs KO Mouse
May 2008
TH-GFP Transgenic Mouse
Aug 2008 Jul 2008 Jun 2008 May 2008
Apr 2008
Mar 2008
Disc1 Mutant Mouse
Feb 2008
T-bet Transgenic Mouse
Jan 2008
mDomino KO Mouse
Apr 2008 Mar 2008 Feb 2008 Jan 2008

Dec 2007
Nanog-GFP Transgenic Mouse Dec 2007
Nov 2007
EGFP-Akt Transgenic Mouse Nov 2007
Oct 2007
Dmp1-HBEGF Transgenic Mouse
Oct 2007
Sep 2007
Gdf5Rgsc451 Mouse Sep 2007
Aug 2007
K14-AhR-CA transgenic mice Aug 2007
Jul 2007
p38α floxed mouse Jul 2007
Jun 2007
Card15/Nod2 KO mouse Jun 2007
May 2007
Lefty & Noda May 2007
Apr 2007
Kf-1 Knock-out Mouse Apr 2007
Mar 2007
ERAI transgenic mouse Mar 2007
Feb 2007
FLPe transgenic mouse Feb 2007
Jan 2007
RECS1 knockout mouse Jan 2007

Dec 2006
Mitfmi-bw mutant mouse Dec 2006
Nov 2006
MFG-E8 KO mouse Nov 2006
Oct 2006
p27 KO mouse Oct 2006
Sep 2006
Thy1-SpH transgenic mouse
Sep 2006
Aug 2006
Semaphorin III/D gene targeting mice Aug 2006
Jul 2006
Cre Transgenic Mouse Series_2 Jul 2006
Jun 2006
Cre Transgenic Mouse Series_1 Jun 2006
May 2006
A model for bipolar disorder May 2006
Apr 2006
Heparin-binding EGF-like growth factor (HB-EGF)-deficient mouse Apr 2006
Mar 2006
t(7;11)AML原因遺伝子NUP98-HOXA9 Mar 2006
Feb 2006
Mesp1:心臓形成の決定因子初期中胚葉の形成機構解明のモデル Feb 2006
Jan 2006
A Model for Hyperlipidemia SHL: Spontaneous Mutation in the Apolipoprotein E gene Jan 2006

Dec 2005
A Model for Type 2 Hyper-IgM Syndrome Dec 2005
Nov 2005
SMXA-RI Strains Nov 2005
Oct 2005
Nrf2 & Keap1
Oct 2005Oct 2005
Sep 2005
Visualization of Primordial Germ Cells in Vivo Sep 2005
Jun 2005
Analysis of Rho/Rho-kinase singnaling pathway Jun 2005
Jun 2005
A Model for Tumor Biology: p53 KO mouse Jun 2005
May 2005
A Model for Impaired Cytokine Secretion May 2005
Apr 2005
A Model for Congenital Alopecia Apr 2005
Mar 2005
自己免疫性拡張型心筋症モデル Mar 2005
Mar 2005
オートファジー検出GFPモデル Mar 2005
Mar 2005
乳児型神経軸索ジストロフィー(INAD)モデル Mar 2005